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10 Welcome Gift Ideas with Printable Gift Tags

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Use this set of free printable Welcome Gift Tags to welcome to new neighbors with one of these welcome gift ideas.

When my husband and I moved into our new home, we were made welcome by our exceptionally gracious neighbors. We are so fortunate to have such thoughtful and caring neighbors. We feel like we hit the neighbor jackpot!

welcome gift tags

Several years ago, I shared a set of printable “Welcome to your new home” gift tags here on The Birch Cottage blog. So, I thought it was time to update those tired looking Welcome gift tags and provide you with some creative Welcome Gift Ideas, too!

Welcome Gift Ideas

The best welcome basket I ever received was from a local church. It included a city map, menus from local restaurants, change of address cards, church flyer, and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. The basket was filled with other helpful items too, like a local business directory and healthcare directory. It’s like they thought of everything!

welcome gift tags

Housewarming gifts or new neighbor gifts are just a truly thoughtful way to show people you care. Whether it’s a family member or friend who has just moved into their new home or a neighbor who’s moved into your neighborhood.

It takes just a little bit of effort and time to put together a gift basket aka acts of kindness.

welcome gift tags

10 New Neighbor Gift Basket Ideas

You don’t have to gift an entire basket full of goodies. Here are a few other helpful ideas:

1: A Dessert from a Local Bakery

How about a basket filled with breakfast pastries, donuts, bagels, biscuits, cookies or even cupcakes from your favorite local bakery?

2: A Local Trail Map

Live where there are trails? Put together a gift basket with trail maps and maybe some homemade trail mix.

3: Newspaper Subscription

Believe it or not, people still read the newspaper and one of the best ways for someone new to the area to get to learn more about their new hometown is through the local newspaper.

4: A Perennial that Thrives in Your Area

I love plants and I love sprucing up our yard with perennials. Your new neighbor would probably love a plant, too. Gift them one that has proven to thrive in your area.

5: Takeout Menus

How about a collection of takeout menus from your favorite restuarants? You could include a gift card to your local pizza parlor, but just having the restaurant recommendations would be an awesome gift.

6: Oven Ready Casserole

You could even prepare your favorite casserole and have it all ready to pop in the oven. No cooking. No prepping. Just pop it in the oven and enjoy!

7: A Practical Gift

If there’s one thing we learned during the pandemic, it’s that toilet paper can be a priceless commodity. How about gifting a basket filled with rolls of toilet paper, paper towels, or other toiletries? You could even download and print one of my bathroom humor prints to include in the gift basket.

8: Homemade Quick Bread

With so many quick bread recipes, you’re sure to find a favorite. Bake one for yourself and one to share! Recipes like: overnight monkey bread, pumpkin bread, or pear bread.

9: Food in a Jar

Your welcome gift to your new neighbor could be something as simple as cinnamon honey butter, vanilla infused honey, vanilla extract or mini canning jars filled with ice cream toppings.

10: Board Game

Gift your new neighbors your favorite board game or a collection of cards, dice, yahtzee score pads, or dominoes.

Welcome Printable Gift Tags

No gift would be complete without a gift tag. You can download this set of free printable Welcome Gift Tags. These tags are compatible with Avery printable gift tags. You could also print them out on cardstock and simply cut them out, put a hole for the string, attach the string, and attach the gift tag to your basket or gift.

Supplies Needed:

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welcome gift tags

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