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13 Box Cake Mix Hacks for Bakery Quality Results

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With these 13 box cake mix hacks, you can turn boring box cake mix into extraordinary bakery quality cakes with very little effort. 

Box cake mixes are admittedly easy and user friendly. But, did you know that with a couple of different substitutions or additions, you can take your cake baking to the next level? 

Box Cake Mix Hacks

Today, I’m sharing a baker’s dozen hacks for turning ordinary box cake mix into bakery quality cakes. No lie. It’s easy. It’s quick. And it works. 

Don’t believe me? Even Rachael Ray uses some of these hacks. 

I’m sharing 13 hacks, plus one super cool way to make box cake mix sugar-free and much lower in calories. Wanna learn how? Hop on over to Kenarry: Ideas for the Home where I’m sharing all my secrets for turning ordinary box cake mix into bakery quality results. 

The Rest of the Story

Let me interrupt this blog post to share with you the “rest of the story” (a famous Paul Harvey saying) behind the cupcake pyramid. I have to say first, I love my husband. He makes me laugh every single day.

On this particular day, we were celebrating our twin granddaughters birthday. He was trying to get a reaction out of them by acting like he was stealing one of their cupcakes. (Let’s not tell him I shared this picture!) 0630

By the way, these cupcakes really were homemade from a box, but made better by using a couple of the box cake mix hacks. 

So, I’ll see you over on Kenarry, right?! 

More Box Cake Mix Recipe Ideas

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Til next time… 

Pam from The Birch Cottage

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