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3 Ways to Transform an Old Dresser

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Hello, dear friends! I have a special treat for you today! Some of you have mentioned to me that you’re looking for design inspiration for your homes. Well, I have a special guest writer, Erin Holdgate, from Zillow, who’s sharing 3 Ways to Transform an Old Dresser. If you’re looking for design and home decor inspiration, Zillow is just a click away!

3 Ways to Transform an Old Dresser

By Erin Holdgate

Design Inspiration from Zillow - 3 Ways to Transform an Old Dresser

Source: Locati Architects on Zillow Digs®

Imagine browsing through a thrift shop and coming across a beautiful, quality-made dresser that seamlessly matches your décor style. There’s just one problem — you don’t need another dresser.

Don’t regretfully walk away from the piece because your bedroom set is already complete. With their range of dimensions and styles, dressers make wonderful subjects for a variety of do-it-yourself projects.

Repurposing can be as simple as devising a use for the dresser outside of your bedroom’s four walls. More complex options include total unit reconstruction. Next time you find yourself at a thrift store or estate sale, consider some of the methods below to create a home for that must-have dresser.

Contemporary Credenza

Design Inspiration from Zillow - 3 Ways to Transform an Old Dresser

Source: Wiley Design LLC on Zillow Digs®

No tools necessary for this project — changing the location of a dresser can be enough to give it new purpose. A sleek, low-slung dresser instantly becomes a credenza or sideboard when it retreats to the dining room. A dresser makes a great credenza imposter because the two are so similar in shape. While you don’t get the traditional credenza doors that open up to vertical shelving, the dresser provides adequate drawer space for your silver and linens. Give your dresser a fresh coat of paint if it has a few dings and scratches, and adorn with chic hardware for a contemporary look.

Cottage-Style Entertainment Center

Design Inspiration from Zillow - 3 Ways to Transform an Old Dresser

Source: Piper Gonzalez Designs on Zillow Digs®

If the location of furniture dictates its purpose, then move your dresser to the living room for an instant entertainment center. You can further transform bedroom furniture into a living room-worthy piece by removing the top row of drawers to add a single layer of visible shelf space. This requires the removal of the drawer slides and stops, too, so get that toolbox handy. Since the sliders bear the weight of the drawers and their contents, install a flat shelf on top of the bare drawer frame to support your electronics. Adding this level of shelving requires extra effort, but the payoff is worth it — you will hardly recognize your new entertainment center.

If cottage style suits your interior design, opt for a dresser with curvy lines and spindle legs. Achieve that distressed look by painting the dresser and then sanding down the edges. Fill the open shelves with wicker baskets to house your remotes or DVDs. If shabby-chic doesn’t define your style, you can garner additional living room ideas from professional designers.

Traditional Bookshelf

Design Inspiration from Zillow - 3 Ways to Transform an Old Dresser

Source: Laurel Nielson on Zillow Digs®

While tall dressers resemble a more traditional bookshelf shape, any dimensions will do to create a shelving unit that’s uniquely yours. Remove all the drawers—and their sliders and stops—for a complete transformation, or leave a few in to create a one-of-a-kind piece that provides a mixture of exposed shelving and enclosed storage (like the entertainment center). After drawer removal, install shelving on top of the exposed drawer frames for that finished bookshelf look. Paint is a key component of this transformation since you’re essentially gutting the dresser and revealing its once-hidden interior. Rich jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue are on-trend this year and add a pop of color in your living room, home office or bedroom. For a child’s bedroom or playroom, fill the shelves with clear plastic boxes that hold toys, school supplies or other small items.

When garage sales begin to pop up in your neighborhood, don’t overlook a great dresser just because you don’t need it for the bedroom. Keep the above projects in mind, or let them inspire revamps of your own, and take home that beautiful dresser at a great price.

Design Inspiration from Zillow - 3 Ways to Transform an Old Dresser

The next time you see an old dresser at a yard sale, estate sale, on Craigslist or even in your own basement, you might want to think twice about passing it up. Just think of all the ways you can transform an old dresser!

I’ve certainly taken on my share of dresser transformation projects like our two bedroom dressers and an antique dresser that had seen better days – and I’m so glad (even though I was pretty nervous about it at the time) that I ventured out of my comfort zone to learn new ways to transform an old dresser! Thanks, Erin, for sharing these fantastic ideas!

And, now, thanks to Erin, you dear friend, have found a new source for design inspiration and maybe received just the encouragement you needed to find ways to transform an old dresser!

Til next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage

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