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5 Reasons to Use Pinterest Rich Pins

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I opened my email a couple of days ago to find a message from Pinterest entitled, “Our gift to you for National Small Business Week.” The gift was the introduction of Rich Pins and a promise to process my application with 24-hours.

Pinterest Rich Pins

I’m really glad I received the email message because it reminded me to take care of business and complete another task on my blogging to-do list. I’ve been doing a lot of reading the past few months about blogging and how to grow your presence and reach visitors. As I’m sure you know, Pinterest is an integral part of any successful lifestyle or DIY blog strategy.

PinterestMaybe you’ve been thinking about Pinterest Rich Pins as well, but maybe you’re just not quite sure what all the hype is about. Well, I hope to shed some light on that subject with my list of:

5 Reasons to Use Pinterest Rich Pins

Pinterest PinPin Information is Automatically Updated
When you change something on your website, such as a recipe ingredient or product price, this information will be automatically updated in real-time on the Pin. NO MANUAL CHANGES NEEDED!

Pinterest PinPin Contains More Useful Information
Because the Pins will include additional information, the Pins are more useful and relevant to the pinner.

Pinterest PinFree and Automatic Price Notifications
If you decrease the price of your product by more than 10%, Pinterest will send a free automated email about the price drop to every pinner who pinned your product. Did I mention free and automated?!

Pinterest PinImproved Click-Through Rate
Pinners are much more likely to pin a Rich Pin and take action.  70% of Shopify merchants saw a 70% increase in traffic to their store from Pinterest when Rich Pins were enabled.

Pinterest PinIncrease Your Sales
Let’s see, increased traffic, free price alerts, more relevant information and automatic updates can have an incredibly positive impact, but, just imagine if you have a product that was pinned by say 1,000 people and you dropped the price by over 10%. That would equate to 1,000 price drop notifications right in your potential customers’ mailboxes. Sweet!

5 Reasons to Use Pinterest Rich Pins

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for Pinterest Rich Pins here.

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