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A Cleverly Disguised Tool Bag?

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I may have mentioned this or maybe you already know this about me, but sometimes I think I’m the funniest person I know! Seriously! I TOTALLY crack myself up.  Well, when I’m not amusing myself by being funny, I’m sometimes amusing myself by being clever. And, believe it or not, this is one of those clever moments for me.

Husky 12" Tool Bag

I am a big fan of home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Anytime Lenny’s going to one of these stores, he always asks if I want to go. In fact, it’s some place I like to go just for fun. Kind of like IKEA. I just love going up and down the aisles and getting all kinds of ideas and inspiration.


Well, Lenny and I were in Home Depot a few weeks ago (we went there on purpose so I could look at tool bags) and I found this 12″ Husky Tool Bag. It’s made out of canvas, has webbed handles, a sturdy zipper with two pulls, and small little pockets in the front. It’s really a very well made little canvas bag!

12" Husky Tool Bag


Well, it addition to DIY projects (and tool bags), I also love photography. I have a sling camera bag that Lenny got me for Christmas a few years ago and it’s great for when we’re out and about and I need my hands free. But, sometimes I just want to be able to throw my camera and a couple of my favorite lenses in a bag and go. I had already made me a cute little purse insert for my camera and I just knew when I saw this bag that the insert would fit perfectly. We bought the bag (for less than $6) and as soon as I got home, I got out my purse insert and……

Husky Tool Bag

Isn’t it amazing! And clever!! I’m just way too impressed with myself!  In addition to the 12″ tool bag, they also had these sturdy tool pouches. Of course, I thought they’d be perfect for holding extra batteries, lens filters, SD cards, etc.

Husky Tool Bag and Pouches

Aren’t you impressed? I mean a camera bag for $6?!!! Okay, so with the cost of the insert that I made and the three pouches ($6/pack of 3), I’m still under $20 for a camera bag. Love it!! What do you think?


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