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A Surprise Visitor: A Vibrant Red Male Cardinal!

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I was sitting on our enclosed porch this morning getting a tutorial ready on my laptop when I noticed a male Cardinal had just flown into the front yard. He was a surprise visitor and such a treat on this cool Spring morning! I just had to share a picture of my little surprise visitor with you:

Cardinal in SpringIsn’t he beautiful? I don’t know what birds are native to your part of the world, but Cardinals are pretty prominent here in Ohio. The males are just so striking in their bold red feathers.

Did you know that only the male sports the bright red plumage and are often referred to as Red Birds? Their female counterparts have a dull tan/gray plumage. But, if the male is going to attract a good female, he’s gotta shine!

The male Cardinal is also very attentive to his female. Not only bringing her food while she tends to nesting, but feeding her so she can protect their eggs. I knew I liked Cardinals for a reason other than their bright red feathers!!

Pam at The Birch Cottage


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