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About Pam

Lenny and Pam from The Birch CottageHello and welcome to The Birch Cottage! Lenny and I are so thrilled to have you here. The Birch Cottage is a very special place for us. It’s not only where we have the privilege of sharing our creative ideas, recipes, and our home remodeling journey where we’re turning Nanny’s house into our cottage style home, but we also get to meet incredible people just like you! I like to think I’m the creative brains behind The Birch Cottage and Lenny is the “master of power tools” {a nickname our grandson gave Lenny}. Together we make quite a team, if I do say so myself.

The Birch Cottage blog was born out of my desire to create an online resource for our growing children.  I’m just sure that one day one of them will wonder what tool they need to refinish a dresser, how to make guacamole or cinnamon rolls, or maybe even how to really clean the bathroom like mom. Then I thought that if this information could be useful to our children, maybe you would find it useful, too.

You may be wondering why our blog is named The Birch Cottage, especially since Lenny and I don’t live in a cottage {although we would love to!}. Well, each summer since my Lenny was a little boy, his parents and grandparents would travel to Northern Ontario to vacation in a cottage on the French River. The French River is right in the heart of Canadian cottage country.

But the French River is more than a vacation spot to Lenny and me. It truly is the one thing that has brought our family closer together. Sometimes we camp on the river, which means no electricity, no cell phones, no TV, no social media – just our family and nature. In fact, when we do stay in a cottage, our children choose not to use their electronics. French River is family time and we love our time on the River!

Just like the French River renews us and gives us inspiration, we hope The Birch Cottage is a place you come to find inspiration, peace and hope: inspiration to be creative, the peace of mind of knowing that everything doesn’t have to be perfect and hope for a future filled with loving memories of time well spent with family. Regardless of your reason for visiting The Birch Cottage, we’re really glad you’re here!

From our family to yours…

Pam from The Birch Cottage



Friday 24th of September 2021

Hi I am trying to sign up for your website and tried numerous times and I keep getting an error message. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I know the info I am giving you is correct. Are you having web problems? Thanks and looking forward to the Birch Cottage.

Pamela Baker

Friday 24th of September 2021

I have had a few reports of problems with trying to subscribe. I reported the problem to the developers and they have been unable to reproduce the problem. Could you tell me what page you are on when you try to subscribe, the exact error message and maybe a screenshot of the page and error? If so, could you email that to me at Thanks so much!!