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Add Farmhouse Charm with a DIY Door Sign

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Add a touch of farmhouse charm with a DIY Door Sign using some scrap wood and your Cricut Explore or Cricut Machine.

We have been working a very long time on renovating our house into a home of our dreams. So far, we’ve (by “we”, I really mean my husband) renovated all three bedrooms, hallway, our one and only bathroom, the living room, dining room and kitchen. The transformation, in my opinion, has been nothing short of amazing.

Cottage farmhouse style Bathroom Renovation from The Birch Cottage

In fact, I still find myself standing in my bright new bathroom and admiring the space. It’s not uncommon for me to emerge from the bathroom and declare “I love my bathroom.” My husband kids around with me and says the rooms that haven’t been renovated are “our rooms”, but the rooms that have been renovated are “my rooms.” You know, my bathroom, my bedroom, my hallway, my son’s room….

I can’t help it. I just love these renovated spaces. In addition to renovating the rooms, we’ve de-cluttered and only put back the things that we absolutely need or love. But, you know what I love most about these rooms? All the little handmade touches and all the love that went into making each room just perfect for us.

Our hallway is a small sort of square space. All three bedrooms, the bathroom and family room lead into this space. There’s also a small linen closet in our hallway. There’s not a whole lot of wall space in the hallway, so it limits my ability to add much in the way of décor. We hung a string art sign our daughter Morgan made us for Christmas on the only real wall space.

The hallway just seemed so uninviting. Bright, but not a very inviting space.  I had been wanting to make and hang some sort of sign on each of the doors. I had a few different ideas swimming around in the back of my mind and finally made these door signs out of reclaimed or up-cycled fence pickets. We’ve made a lot of things out of these old fence pickets, like clocks, trays, signs and even Christmas ornaments (which I’ll be sharing with you soon).

I made a sign for each bedroom, bathroom and linen closet. I asked very nicely for my hubby to cut a few boards for me and then he beveled the edges and sanded the wood pieces down so they were nice and smooth. I then stained each of the pieces of wood, waited 24 hours for the stain to dry, created some stencils with my Cricut and painted the designs on using my Cricut vinyl as a stencil.

I think the door signs are just adorable. Not too whimsical and they add just enough contrast to this space without being overbearing. My kids were skeptics at first. They wanted to know if I was putting signs up on the doors in case we forgot which room was ours. Now that they’re finished and hanging on the doors, they like them.

How to Make DIY Door Signs



I didn’t take pictures of the steps, but I think the instructions are really self-explanatory. You’ll want to figure out what you want your signs to say and create those designs in Cricut Design Space first.

  1. You’ll want pieces of smooth wood cut to the appropriate size for your space. (Mine are 4”x5”.) Or you can purchase wood blanks.
  2. Stain your wood (front and back) and let dry at least 24 hours.
  3. Cut out your door sign stencil on vinyl and affix to the front of your piece of wood.
  4. Paint the design on your wood. Carefully remove the stencil from the wood before the paint completely dries.
  5. After the paint has completely dried, apply a coat of polycrylic, if desired. The poly will not only help protect the painted sign, but make it easier to dust and clean.
  6. Once the polycrylic has dried, affix two pieces of two-sided poster tape to the back of your signs and press firmly into place.
  7. Stand back and admire your new DIY door sign!

It was hard to take really clear and bright pictures of our hallway since it’s such a dark space when I have all the doors closed. I guess it’s actually kind of like being in a closet.

Our kids kind of make fun of the signs. They want to know if I put them up in case they forget how to get to their bedroom. Ha! Actually, the signs have come in handy when we’ve had guests in our home. No more guessing where the bathroom is as it is clearly identified with a sign.

Another thing that has come in handy is the WiFi Password print that hangs in our hallway.

WiFi Password Printable by The Birch Cottage

So, what do you think? Would you use these door signs in your home? I really do like them and they have come in quite handy for directing guests to the right room.

Til next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage

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