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Baked with Love Printable Gift Tags

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Add these Baked with Love printable gift tags to your next baked gift. Gift tags add a nice touch to your homemade or home baked gift! Download for free!

Every morning when I walk out my door to go to work, I see our pear tree. One of our favorite things to make with the Asian Pears that grow on our tree is Pear Bread.

I can’t believe that year after year I watched the pears grow on that tree, gave them away to neighbors and never once used them or ate them. Truth be told, I’m not crazy about the “texture” of pears.

And, of course, because it wasn’t something I liked to eat, that meant I didn’t make pear anything for my family either. Then, one day I decided to ask my neighbors about the Asian Pear tree. They knew nothing.

Fresh Pear Bread Recipe Card by The Birch Cottage

How could they live next door to Nanny (our house was my husband’s childhood home) all these years and not know anything about this fruit tree! I mean, they have an amazing vegetable garden in their backyard. Certainly Nanny or Papoo had shared their pears. Nope. They don’t like pears. Funny, right!

Asian Pear Tree Quest

So, I took my search for information on Asian pears online. I didn’t know simple things, like how to tell if they were ripe. I didn’t know if they were even an edible fruit or simply ornamental.

Then when I found out they are definitely edible, I began looking for recipes.

resh Pear Bread Recipe Card by The Birch Cottage

I first made Pineapple Pear Jam and it was amazing! I even tasted the Asian Pears for the first time and guess what? They are juicy and oh so sweet. They are crisp like an apple, but taste like a pear. I’d say that makes them the perfect pear! And, they bake up beautifully! You could easily substitute Asian pears in any recipe that calls for apples.

Then, I tried making Pear Bread. It was a huge hit with our family, friends and neighbors. I just kept making pear bread and gifting it. I even made pear muffins using my same pear bread recipe. Guess what? They were just as amazing.

Guess what was missing from my little food gift packages? Gift Tags!

Baked with Love Printable Gift Tags

I bet you were wondering why I was going on and on about my Asian Pear Tree and Pear Bread recipe, weren’t you? Well, now you see my problem. I had all this pear bread to gift and I needed some printable gift tags to go with the bread.

So, I created this set of printable Baked with Love Gift Tags to accompany my bounty of homemade Pear Bread and thought I’d share them with you.

These labels are designed for ease of use with Avery products in mind. In fact, these Baked with Love Gift Tags were designed for use with Avery 22802 Printable Tags . These are 2″x3-1/2″ gift tags. I just love using Avery products whenever possible because they’re well made and so easy to use.

How to Download

As with most free printables here on The Birch Cottage blog, these Baked with Love Gift Tags are available as a free download exclusively to subscribers of The Birch Cottage newsletter. You may sign up below:

More Free Printables

Fresh Pear Bread Recipe by The Birch Cottage
Pear Bread

You’ll find all sorts of free printables in the Subscribers Resource Library, just like these Baked with Love Gift Tags, including:

The coloring of the gift tags in these pictures of my pound cake, are a little off as my printer was low on ink. Your printable gift tags should more closely match the picture of the gift tags, assuming your printer is calibrated correctly. Just goes to show that you can expect some slight variation in the color depending on your printer settings and your ink supply!

I hope you will enjoy this free set of printable Baked with Love Gift Tags!

Til next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage

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