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15+ Easy Beginner Quilting Project Ideas

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A collection of 15 plus easy beginner quilting project ideas.

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas by The Birch Cottage

I love quilting, but I’m not very experienced at it. Thus, the reason I’m sharing these easy beginner quilting project ideas. Every time I see something quilted, it literally calls to me. I especially love old hand quilted quilts. I suppose they remind me of a simpler time when most things were handmade out of necessity. Can you imagine some of the stories these old quilts could tell? Kind of like walking in to an old home or an antique piece of furniture – boy, the stories they could tell! I can just imagine the hours of conversation that took place. But, mostly, there’s kind of a solemn feeling out of respect for the time and love put into creating these family necessities or heirloom gifts. There is a big part of me that longs for those simpler times. Oh, wait, we can have that now!

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas by The Birch Cottage

As you may know if you’ve followed me here on The Birch Cottage blog, my husband and I have seven children. Those children have wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, children, dogs, cats and more on the way! Our family is ever growing and we absolutely would not have it any other way. It does make gift giving, especially at Christmas, a little more challenging. But, we decided a few years ago to try and make Christmas and other special occasions more about the time and experiences we have together than the presents under the tree.

Our children have embraced this concept wholeheartedly. Last year for Christmas, we made our children hand turned wooden ornaments, beautiful hand turned pens, custom wooden wall clocks, bowl warmers, mug rugs, homemade vanilla and, of course, more sugar scrub. I’m not sure what we’ll be making them this year. My husband’s actually been thinking about making handmade Adirondack chairs for each of our children.
For our youngest daughter’s birthday (aka sailor girl) this year, I made her a t-shirt quilt out of all her old high school band t-shirts. Although she graduated from high school some five years ago (how’s that possible?), she loved the quilt. A t-shirt quilt isn’t exactly the easiest quilting project – contrary to what most people think. The reason I say this is because you are working with so many different types and weights of fabric. It’s much easier to get perfect results when you’re quilting with the same type and weight of fabric. If I were to make another t-shirt quilt, I’d probably use some lightweight iron-on interfacing on the back of each piece.

Anyway, as I’m thinking about this t-shirt quilt and what to make our children for Christmas (because when you have a large family, you absolutely must start preparing early), I thought it might be helpful to you too if I put together a collection of easy or beginner quilt ideas. You don’t have to be a beginner quilter to put these quilting ideas to use. In fact, if you’re an experienced quilter, sometimes there’s a lot of satisfaction in making something that doesn’t take you weeks or months to complete.

15+ Easy Beginner Quilting Project Ideas

So, let’s take a look at some of these beginner quilt project ideas I put together for you!

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas by The Birch Cottage

Beginner Quilting Projects

A collection of fun, modern, and beginner friendly quilting projects.

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #1 – Easy Scrappy Strips Baby Quilt Tutorial & Quilt Pattern

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Scrappy Strips Quilt by Polka Dot Chair

This baby quilt is a modified and somewhat modern twist on a scrappy quilt. You can easily use up material from your fabric stash or buy coordinating fabrics to match a specific theme. I love the tutorials that Melissa shares on Polka Dot Chair. If you’re interested in a lap size version of this scrappy strips quilt pattern, Melissa has that available for purchase.

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #2 – Super Easy Zig Zag Quilt Pattern

Again, this is another beginner friendly quilt pattern that you can sew in no time! This pattern from Jamie at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom was designed to use charm packs or any 5” squares. It’s easy to piece together and you can use up some of your fabric scrap stash or customize it for the recipient, holidays or your home décor.

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Zig Zag Quilt Pattern from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #3 – Free Motion Quilted Towels

While you’re visiting Jamie, you might also want to take a look at her Free Motion Quilted Towels tutorial. Jamie walks you through how to use the free motion foot and the towels are a great way to try out the free motion technique. Plus, you’ll have some nice gifts that you can sew or quilt up in no time!

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Free Motion Quilted Hand Towel by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #4 – Flannel Square Quilt

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Flannel Square Quilt from Simple Simon and Co

This Flannel Square Quilt from Simple Simon and Co can literally be made in a weekend. It’s made using a solid square and a four patch square. Once you see it, you’ll understand why this is an easy beginner quilt project idea.

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #5 – Gingham Coral Quilt Top

Like a lot of you, I suspect, I’m kind of in love with the gingham craze that seems to be resurfacing. Isn’t it funny how things that were popular when we were kids are now popular again? Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew does a great job explaining how to prepare this quilt top. She also shares a little about her quandary over whether to call this gingham or buffalo check. I’ll let you decide!

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Gingham Quilt

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #6 – Simple Sixteen Quilt Pattern

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Simple Sixteen 1930's Christmas Quilt

This quilt pattern from Lindsey at Fort Worth Fabric Studio is a retro 1930’s pattern that is easy to piece and made from 16″ blocks that are made using basic piecing techniques. This quilt comes together quickly and you can easily adjust the size of the quilt by adding or taking away blocks. Oh, yeah, be sure and check out her Arrows Aweigh quilt pattern, too!

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #7 – Fast Four Patch Quilt

This Fast Four Patch Quilt pattern is another take on the four patch quilt pattern. Amy from Diary of a Quilter has a lot of other quilt patterns and tutorials on her blog. So, if you’re interested in quilting or learning more about it, you’ll want to bookmark her page, sign up for her newsletter or even follow her on social media. I also love her Lattice Baby Quilt, American Flag Quilt and her entire Beginning Quilting Series!

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Fast Four Patch Quilt Tutorial by Diary of a Quilter

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #8 – T-Shirt Quilt Tutorial

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Simple T-Shirt Quilt Tutorial from Totally Stitchin

Of course, I had to share a t-shirt quilt tutorial with you since I mentioned that I recently made one for our daughter for her birthday this past July. I searched to find a tutorial that offered some of the helpful tips that I think are beneficial for the best outcome. This tutorial from Stephanie on Totally Stitchin does exactly that. So, until I get around to sharing my exact technique with you, I think you’ll find this t-shirt quilt tutorial contains exactly what you need to get started on your t-shirt quilt project.

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #9 – Baby Boutique Quilt Pattern

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Baby Boutique Quilt Pattern by Ivory Spring

I just adore this Baby Boutique quilt pattern! Doesn’t it look like little presents just waiting to be opened? This quilt pattern is no longer available. Sorry!

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #10 – Quilted Key Fob

I actually made a version of these key fobs a few years ago to give as Christmas presents to the office staff in the school where I work. I’ve also made some for our daughters and just about everyone else I know. In fact, it’s probably time for some updated key fobs/wristlets. Although these key fobs aren’t a quilt, they do incorporate quilting techniques. You’ll find a really nice tutorial for these Quilted Key Fobs from Leigh Laurel Studios.

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Quilted Key Fob by Leigh Laurel Studios

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #11 – Ohio Star Quilt Block

Because I live in Ohio, I’m a little fond or partial to the Ohio Star Quilt Block. Leslie from The Seasoned Homemaker has a great tutorial on how to make the perfect Ohio Star Quilt block. I actually used this tutorial to create some mug rugs this past Christmas.

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Ohio Star Quilt Block by The Seasoned Homemaker

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #12 – Harvest Quilt Pattern

I discovered this beautiful quilt pattern by following Art Gallery Fabrics on Instagram. Bonnie Christine is the designer and I’m just in love with everything about this collection of fabrics and the projects outlined in the lookbook, like this Harvest Quilt Pattern.

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Harvest Quilt Pattern by Bonnie Christine

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #13 – DIY Fabric Buckets

You’ll find a design idea for these Fabric Buckets in the Harvest Lookbook as well. The tutorial for creating the fabric buckets can be found on Design Sponge.

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Fabric Buckets

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #14 – Quilted Mug Rug with Pocket

I hope to share my Ohio Star Mug Rug pattern and tutorial with you soon, in the meantime, you can check out this beautiful Quilted Mug Rug with Pocket pattern and tutorial from Sew 4 Home. I just adore the added touch of the rick rack to these mug rugs. I just might have to whip up a few of these for Christmas as well!

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Quilted Mug Rug with Pocket by Sew 4 Home

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #15 – Sweet Squares Quilt Pattern

Beverly from Flamingo Toes shares all sorts of quilting patterns, projects and ideas, like this beautiful Sweet Squares Quilt Pattern. She’s a great resource if you want to grow your quilting skills. She also has a new fabric line called Vintage Adventures that you’ll definitely want to check out!

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Sweet Squares Quilt Pattern by Flamingo Toes

Beginner Quilting Project Idea #16 – Friendship Quilt Along

If you really want an easy way to ease into quilting, a quilt along is a fun and stress-free way to begin or expand on your quilting journey. Amanda Herring Designs has a fun Friendship Quilt Along that you can join in. They’re currently on block #11, but you can jump right in at block #1 and work your way through each block. Sounds fun, right?! Plus, by joining in, you’ll find some creative ideas for using the quilt blocks, meet other quilters and improve your quilting skills!

Beginner Quilting Project Ideas - Amanda Herring Designs Quilt Along

Although I’ve shared 16 easy beginner quilting project ideas, each one will lead you to additional projects, patterns, tutorials, videos, tips and a plethora of quilting resources.

A Handmade Home Facebook Group

My goal is to share easy beginner quilting project ideas with you in the hopes of inspiring you! Do you have a favorite quilt pattern, tip, supplies or quilting fabric source? It would be just great if you could share your knowledge with us by joining A Handmade Home Facebook Group. I created this group with creatives like you in mind. It’s a place where you’ll find inspiration, share our expertise and inspire others! Come join! I’d love to get to know each of you better!

A Handmade Home Facebook Group by The Birch Cottage

I know quilting can be a little intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a ton of resources available and people to help you along the way.

Til next time…

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