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The Birch Cottage Shop is Now Open on Etsy!!

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You can’t even imagine how much opening an Etsy shop has put me way beyond my comfort zone. For one, I absolutely hate to ask people to buy things – I’d much rather just give things away. Secondly, what if no one likes my homemade handmade goods as much as I do? I mean, seriously. What if I put all these handmade goodies out there on Etsy and no one buys them?  It’s a risk and it makes me feel pretty vulnerable, but with a lot of loving support from my husband and I officially say The Birch Cottage Shop is now open on Etsy!

The Birch Cottage Shop is now Open on Etsy!

The Birch Cottage Shop is Now Open on Etsy

Since I was a little girl, probably well before I was 8 years old, but I distinctively remember learning to crochet back then. My mom was patient and kind and in her very soft-spoken way, she let me sit on the side arm of her chair and watch her hands work magic with the crochet hook and yarn. She then handed me the crochet hook, positioning my little fingers just so and guided me hand-in-hand those first few stitches. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those simpler days. And, yet, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night just frantically crying because I can’t remember what my mom’s hands looked like. See, I lost my mom when she was only 43 years of age and I was but 18.

I learned a lot from my mom in those very short 18 years, but I still had so much to learn. To this day, I feel robbed. Totally and completely robbed. No one should ever have to lose a mother so young. My sister was only 16 years old and my brother 19. Anytime I want to remember what my mother’s hands looked like, I just have to look at my sister’s hands.

The Birch Cottage Shop is now open on Etsy - The Birch Cottage business cards

My mother’s hands taught me a lot though. They taught me a lot about strength, tenderness, intuitiveness, hard work, kindness and the special healing power of a mother’s touch. My mom’s hands also taught me how to cook, crochet and sew. There were a few knitting lessons in there as well, but for some reason, I really struggled with the knitting. Then there was gardening and embroidery and ironing and the list goes on.  We didn’t have much money when I was a little girl and people were all the time giving my mom clothes for our family. Mom wasn’t picky and she was very grateful for anything and everything. See, she used to rip the seams right out of dresses, skirts and shirts and re-purpose the fabrics into new clothes for my sister and I. She was the queen of re-purposing way before it was trendy. Believe me, it wasn’t trendy when I was a little girl. But, you know what? I wore those “new” clothes with great pride.

I was proud of the clothes my mom made for us with her very own hands and I’m proud of the things I now make with my very own hands. I hope that you’ll visit The Birch Cottage Shop on Etsy and maybe you’ll even find a handmade item or two that you’ll take pride in as well.  If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

The Birch Cottage Shop is Now Open on Etsy - Faith Family Friends Handmade Rustic Wood Sign

I have to tell you though that the “Faith Family Friends” sign was all my sister’s idea. I was talking to her about my frames and asked if there was anything she’d like and she said, “Well, yeah! If you can make one that says Faith Family Friends, I’d like that.” So, I made one. She didn’t love it. She made a few suggestions. I made another one and she loved it! Thus, the Faith Family Friends Rustic Plank Wood Sign was born.

Till next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage

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