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Bring the Outdoors In with Vintage Pine Illustrations

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Download these free vintage pine illustrations and add a touch of the outdoors to your home decor. There are 10 free prints to choose from.

We recently took a little road trip to Maryland to visit our daughter who is stationed at NAS Patuxent. The fall leaves were just glowing in all their splendor. Our trip from Ohio took us to West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Unfortunately, my husband is “color weak”. He sees some color, but most trees, leaves and colors just seem kind of brown to him. So, did he see all the different shades of red, burgundy, yellow, orange and purple? No. What he saw was shades of brown – some light, some dark.

It’s such a shame really. Can you imagine going through life where everything seems pretty much the same color? How drab would that be? As you can imagine, taking long drives to admire the fall foliage is not high on his list of things to do.

As I was admiring all the splendor fall had on display, I remembered I had downloaded these pine vintage illustrations last year from the New York Public Library Digital Collection.

These beautiful and amazing vintage illustrations are free for you to use as they are part of the public domain.

So I put together 10 of my favorite vintage pine illustrations into this free printable collection just for you.

Bring the Outdoors In

I love adding natural elements to my home decor. In fact, right now, you’ll find a couple of bird nests on display in my home. I also have acorns in cute little piles here and there.

In fact, I have acorns in one of the bird nests that is resting nicely on our mantle. You’ll also find acorns inside my candle globes. My husband thinks it sounds a little “nutty”, but I just love the little touches of nature and the texture these things add to our home.

Besides, it’s all the little touches like this that makes a house a home!

How to Download the Pine Illustrations

Like most free printables here on The Birch Cottage blog, this set of 10 vintage pine illustrations are available exclusively to subscribers of The Birch Cottage Newsletter. Once you’ve subscribed you’ll have access to this set of pine illustrations AND the entire Subscribers Resource Library.

You can sign up below:

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive an email message asking you to confirm your subscription. Once you’ve confirmed your subscription you’ll receive another email welcoming you to The Birch Cottage family and providing you with the password to unlock all the Library has to offer.

Google Drive

Just a little note about the Subscribers Resource Library. I recently moved the entire Library to Google Drive. Since the library has grown like crazy over the years, it had become more difficult to manage. It was also becoming more difficult to navigate to just the right printable.

I’m hoping that by moving the library to Google Drive it will not only make it easier for me to manage (it already has), but it will also make it easier for my subscribers to access and find the free printable their looking for.

Enough housekeeping…..

How to Print & Frame

Printing and framing your vintage illustrations couldn’t be simpler. Here’s a list of supplies and tools that you might need to make the job easier:



Sign up to get the free printable fig vintage illustrations using the form earlier in this blog post. Then download the free PDF and print your preferred design. Remember, choosing the highest quality settings in your printer settings will give you the best quality print.


I always recommend using nice cardstock paper for your prints. Whether you’re using cardstock or printer paper, you’ll want to cut and trim the prints using either a pair of scissors or a paper trimmer to fit the frame for your project (typically 8″x10″). 


Once you’ve printed and trimmed your print to the appropriate size, you’ll want to place it in a frame. If you’re using a matted frame, it may not be necessary for you to trim the print first. 

More Free Prints

Besides this set of pine vintage illustrations, you’ll find tons of free prints, gift tags, crochet patterns, sewing patterns, note cards, and wall art right here on The Birch Cottage. A few of my favorite are:

I hope you’ll enjoy this set of fee vintage pine illustrations that I curated for you. By the way, did you read my post about 25 ideas to incorporate vintage illustrations in your home?

Here’s to hoping you find a use for these beautiful vintage pine illustrations! Til next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage

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