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Celebrate Back to School with Printable Christmas Gift Bag Toppers!

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These Christmas gift bag toppers were just too adorable not to share with you! I created them using the free Avery Design & Print program

Printable Christmas Gift Bag Toppers

I know it sounds like I have my seasons mixed up or maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. But, it’s back to school time in my hometown and back to school always reminds me of Christmas.

Christmas Gift Bag Toppers

Avery 22801 Gift Bag Toppers with Bags

You know, the kids are excited (for the most part) to go back to school and before you know it, they’ll be having their little class parties for Christmas!

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Supplies for Christmas Gift Bag Toppers

Printable Christmas Gift Bag Toppers

So, I made these Christmas gift bag toppers with a little help from Avery. I even used their free clip art for the design. You can use the online version of Avery Design & Print or download the app so you can make your own design.

Once you see how easy this system is to use, you’ll be using it for all sorts of tags, labels, bag toppers, business cards and so much more!

Printable Christmas Gift Bag Toppers using Avery 22801 cardstock and gift bags.

You know, my children are older now. But, I have pretty fond memories of them heading off to elementary school. The world was exciting and they were sure they were going to have a great time and be the very best student.

I also served as room mom many, many times and assisted with class parties and field trips. But, now as we are starting to have grandchildren, I am so looking forward to watching them live their little lives with their eyes wide open – so full of optimistic possibilities.

Printable Christmas Gift Bag Toppers using Avery 22801 cardstock and gift bags.

As you can see, it really wasn’t too far of a leap for me to go from back to school to Christmas gift bag toppers, right? Seriously though, I’m just sharing this idea with you to give you inspiration. You can easily make printable gift bag toppers for any holiday or occasion.

For the best results, I’d recommend purchasing the Avery 22801 Printable Bag Toppers. You can purchase them through Amazon or your favorite office supply store.

Christmas Gift Bag Toppers

Download Printable Christmas Gift Bag Toppers

For your ease of use, I’ve downloaded both the Avery file and a PDF of the printable gift bag toppers. You can upload the Avery file to Avery’s Design & Print or print the PDF.


  1. Print your Christmas Gift Bag Toppers using either the Avery Design & Print software or by simply printing the PDF.
  2. If using the Avery 22801 Toppers, simply fold the tags along the perforations to remove. If using the PDF, cut along the outline of the toppers.
  3. Fill your gift bags, fold the toppers in half and attach to the bag with staples.

Printable Christmas Gift Bag Toppers

These gift bag toppers made for a nice little trip down memory lane for me. The penguin caught my eye because our youngest daughter went through a “penguin phase” when she was a little girl. She told me a couple of years ago to please tell my husband that she’s not into penguins anymore. Cute, right?

I hope you’ll find these free printable Christmas gift bag toppers helpful. If you end up using them, please share a picture on social media and use the hashtag #thebirchcottage so I’ll be sure and see it. Or shoot me an email!

Til next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage

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