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Learn to Crochet a Pumpkin with 5 Free Patterns

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Learn to crochet a pumpkin with 5 free patterns. These crocheted pumpkins add the perfect handmade touch of autumn to your home decor! 

This post originally appeared on The Birch Cottage blog on October 11, 2018. The copy has been updated for clarification.

5 Crochet Pumpkin Patterns by The Birch Cottage

I love to crochet. In fact, I just finished crocheting a large afghan for our daughter for her birthday. I had some yarn leftover and I just thought it’d make the cutest little crocheted pumpkin. So, that’s exactly what I did.

Crocheted Pumpkin Pattern by The Birch Cottage

You can find my crocheted pumpkin pattern here. But, I thought it’d also be nice to share with you some of the crocheted pumpkins I discovered. Now you can create a whole little pumpkin patch of crocheted pumpkins with different textures, styles, colors and looks!

5 Free Crochet Pumpkin Patterns

5 Crochet Pumpkin Patterns by The Birch Cottage

So, I searched the web to see if there were some other or better ideas out there to crochet a pumpkin. I can’t attest to whether they’re better, but each one is crocheted a little differently from the version I made and shared with you above. Let’s take a look, shall we?!

Crochet Pumpkin Pattern #2

pumpkin by Malloo Knits

Lou from Malloo shares a crochet pumpkin pattern that looks like it’s been knit.

Crochet Pumpkin Pattern #3

Crochet Pumpkin by Cynthia Banessa

Cynthia shares a different technique for crocheting pumpkins that utilizes the extended single crochet stitch. Her pumpkin leaves are just about a perfect replica of real pumpkin leaves.

Crochet Pumpkin Pattern #4

5 Little Monsters Crochet Pumpkin

Erica from 5 Little Monsters shares two sizes of pumpkins to crochet. Her pattern is pretty interesting because she literally starts with the stem and works her way down.

Crochet Pumpkin Pattern #5

Yarnspiration pumpkin

Create these adorable pumpkins from Yarnspirations using Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn.

Crochet Pumpkin Patterns on YouTube

The Birch Cottage YouTube Channel

I also found a few video tutorials that might be helpful, especially for those of us who learn best by watching.  I saved a few of these videos to a Playlist. You can checkout my Youtube Crochet Playlist here! While you’re there, I’d be so grateful if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thank you!

5 Crochet Pumpkin Patterns by The Birch Cottage

So, which of the five crochet patterns do you think you’re going to try? If you try the pattern I shared or any of the other four, for that matter, I’d love to hear about it! Or, if you have a favorite pumpkin pattern to crochet, I’d also love to know!

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If you crochet one of these pumpkins, be sure to share over on The Birch Cottage’s Facebook Group – A Handmade Home and share your inspiration with others!

5 Crochet Pumpkin Patterns by The Birch Cottage

Happy crocheting! Til next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage

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