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Wraps for Crocheted Cloths and Towels

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These free printable crocheted wraps add a nice touch to your crocheted hand towel, dish towel, dishcloths and wash cloths.

picture of crochet wraps

I created this set of printable gift wraps hoping to have them ready to share with you before Christmas last year so you’d have them for all your crocheted dishcloth, dish towel, wash cloth and hand towel gift giving.

Obviously, I just ran out of time. But, there’s no time like the present, right?

Crocheted Wraps

picture of dishcloth with crocheted dishcloth wrap

You’ll find two printable wraps on each page for crocheted:

  • dishcloth
  • dish towel
  • washcloth
  • dish towel

You simply download the PDF document and select which pages you want to print.

Download Crocheted Wraps

crocheted dishchloth, washcloth, hand towel and dish towel wraps

These printable wraps are available exclusively to subscribers to The Birch Cottage newsletter. Once you subscribe, you’ll have access not only to the printable crocheted wraps, but to the ENTIRE Subscribers Resource Library.

So you know, the Library is really a shared Google Drive folder. You’ll find a link to the Library in every newsletter you receive from The Birch Cottage. So you’ll always know where to go to find that link.

Subscribe to Download

Like I said, this set of printable wraps for crocheted towels and cloths is available exclusively to subscribers. You can subscribe below to have the printable wraps delivered right to your inbox!

Just please keep in mind that all free printables on The Birch Cottage blog are for your own PERSONAL USE ONLY.


There are just a few simple supplies and tools that you’ll need to print and use these wraps:

How to Use Crocheted Wraps

picture of crocheted wraps

I think using the crocheted wraps is really self-explanatory, but here are the steps, in case you need a little extra guidance.

Step 1: Download

Once you subscribe to The Birch Cottage blog’s newsletter and confirm your subscription, you’ll receive another email welcoming you to The Birch Cottage family. That email (and every subsequent newsletter) will provide you with a link to the Subscribers Resource Library.

Simply follow the link to the Library and search for “wraps”. Once you locate the wrap PDF, you can save it to your own Google Drive account or download and save to your computer.

Step 2: Print

Locate the wraps document, open it, select the pages you want to print and send it to your printer (File > Print or click on the printer icon). Remember, there are pages for dish cloths, towels and washcloths.

Step 3: Trim

After printing, you’ll simply want to use your scissors or paper trimmer to trim the wraps along the solid lines.

Step 4: Wrap

Fold or roll your crocheted item so that the wrap will fit around it. Adhere the ends together with a piece of tape.

That’s it! Your crocheted items are all wrapped and ready for gift giving.

More Printables

If you like these Wraps for Crocheted Cloths and Towels, you might also like these free printables from The Birch Cottage:

Again, you’ll find all these free printables and MORE in the Subscribers Resource Library.

Happy crocheting!

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