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DIY Beautiful Waterproof Painted Glass

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Create beautiful Waterproof Painted Glass, glassware, and more when you follow this DIY tutorial from The Birch Cottage.

Ever since I shared the idea of how to spray paint a glass vase, I’ve really been wanting to find a way to paint the inside of the vase and have it be waterproof.

Because, wouldn’t it be lovely if you could have beautiful color gleaming through the shiny glass? I think there’s just something almost glamorous and expensive looking about that style.

pink painted glass vase with tulips

So, I did some searching online – Google, Pinterest and even YouTube. I found a few methods – some worked, some not so much. But the one method that kept jumping out at me involved using acrylic craft paint, acetone nail polish remover and curing the glass in the oven.

The results? Perfect! Beautiful! Gorgeous! Glamorous! And maybe even expensive looking!

Waterproof Painted Glass

But, don’t take my word for it, hop on over to Kenarry: Ideas for the Home and see for yourself. I’m sharing the full tutorial on How to Create Beautiful (if I do say so myself) Waterproof Painted Glass over on Kenarry this month.

Plus, I’m sharing some tips about how to achieve the best results and on how to care for your painted glassware. You’ll definitely want to read those!

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I do hope you’ll give this easier-than-it-seems, DIY waterproof painted glass project a try. And when you do, you can leave me a little thank you comment below (or on Kenarry).

pink painted glass vase with tulips

And be sure to pin this DIY project to your favorite Pinterest board to save for later!

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