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Easy to Sew Tissue Holder {with Video & Pattern}

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Learn how to make this easy to sew tissue holder using fabric scraps. Tissue Holders make for thoughtful gifts and stocking stuffers!

Every year for Christmas I try to think of thoughtful, meaningful and useful gifts to make our adult children and grandchildren for Christmas. This year, they’ll be receiving these easy to sew Tissue Holders.

Sew a Tissue Holder

The tissue holders seem like a perfect stocking stuffer for our daughters and daughter-in-law. The guys – not so much. They would also make for a thoughtful gift for teachers, friends, co-workers or even neighbors.

And these tissue holders are also a great way to use up some of your scraps of fabric. Tissue holders make for a pretty easy beginner project. “Sew”, if you’re new to sewing or have been sewing for 50 years, this is an easy project.

And, like I said, if you gift these tissue holders, they make for a very thoughtful handmade gift.

Video Tutorial


Sorry, I had some problems with my video conversion. I hope to have this updated soon!

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Before we get into the full written tutorial, there are a few tips or things you should know or take into consideration before beginning this project.

I have provided information below in the How-To card on the fabric and cut requirements for this project.

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Tip #1 – Use Contrasting Fabrics

Have fun with this project and use contrasting fabrics for the lining and outer fabrics. You only need two pieces of fabric that are less than 8″W x 6″H (see how-to below for exact cuts).

Tip #2 – Box the Corners

For a more finished and boxy look, you can box the corners. Boxing the corners is pretty easy. Fold each corner into a triangle, with the seam in the center. Stitch across the corner about 1/2″ from the point. Trim seam. Repeat for the other three corners.

Tip #3 – Sew in Batches

Once you figure out exactly how to make these easy to sew tissue holders, you’ll want to make up several. Save time by preparing in batches, such as:

  • cut out multiple fabric pieces at once
  • Sew all the side seams
  • Then sew all the top and bottom seams
  • Then make all your boxed corners (if you’re boxing your corners)

Sewing in batches makes for a really quick way to make multiple tissue holders at the same time.


Below is a list of the supplies, equipment and tools you’ll need. For exact quantities and measurements, please see the printable instructions below.


Equipment and Tools

How To Sew a Tissue Holder

Tissue Holder

Tissue Holder

Yield: One

Tissue holders are an easy to sew, beginner friendly sewing project and a scrap buster, too! Tissue holders make for a thoughtful handmade gift and are also great as stocking stuffers!


  • scrap fabric for outside of tissue holder
  • scrap fabric for lining (and it's also the contrast trim)
  • thread


  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • acrylic ruler
  • Wonder clips or pins
  • iron and ironing board


Cut Fabric

  1. Cut outer fabric 6.5"Wx5.5"H
  2. Cut lining (which also serves as the contrast trim) 7.5"Wx5.5"H


  1. Lay lining fabric face up on your work surface. Lay outer fabric face down on top of the lining fabric so that the two pieces are "right sides together".
  2. Line up one short end and clip or pin together. Line up the other short end and clip together. The lining fabric will be wider than the outer fabric and that's exactly what we want!
  3. Using 1/4" seam allowance, stitch the two short ends.
  4. Turn right side out and press flat. Be sure to lay the pieces lining side down and center the outer fabric so that you see even strips of the lining down each short side of the outer fabric piece.
  5. Either mark the center of the fabric pieces at the top and bottom or fold the two fabric pieces in half width-wise and press. Fold the two short ends in towards the center fold so that they meet or butt up against one another and clip in place along the top and bottom.
  6. Stitch or serge along each clipped edge.
  7. If you want to box the corners, simply finger press each corner so that it sort of forms a triangle, then stitch approximately 1/2" from the corner. Repeat for the other three corners. Trim seams.
  8. Turn right side out. Insert a package of tissues.


1/4" seam allowance

FREE Printable Tissue Holder Sewing Pattern

Of course, you can print the above instructions which are pretty self-explanatory. But, if you’re the kind of sewer or new to sewing and would really prefer a printable pattern, I’ve created one just for you!

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How to Download the Printable Pattern

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Happy sewing!

Pam Baker from The Birch Cottage

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Wednesday 13th of January 2021

This is such a great idea! I'm trying to learn more about sewing this year so I'm adding this to my list of patterns to try out.

Pamela Baker

Wednesday 13th of January 2021

That is great! I love to sew and this really is an easy pattern.

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