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Embroidered Rope Coasters

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Learn how to make Embroidered Rope Coasters. Embroidered Rope Coasters also make great gifts for family and friends!

I previously shared with you how to sew clothesline rope coasters. Today, I thought we would build on that skill by sharing with you how to embroider on clothesline rope coasters. With embroidery you can create beautiful, custom, one-of-a-kind coasters.

Brother PE 770 embroidery machine

When you add embroidery to your rope coasters, you literally take your plain homemade coasters to another level.

So grab your cotton clothesline rope coasters and your embroidery machine and let’s get embroidering!

German Shepherd Silhouette embroidered coaster

Tips for Embroidering on Clothesline Rope

Before we get to the how-to, there are a few important tips I’d like to share with you on embroidering on cotton clothesline rope.

These tips will help to ensure you have the best results!

Tip #1: Use Cotton Rope

Although this tip isn’t about embroidering, it is about coasters. It’s really important that you use soft, pliable cotton rope. Don’t even think about using plastic! For all the best tips on creating rope coasters, be sure to read this tutorial.

Tip #2: Don’t Cut the Rope

Depending on the size of your hoop and the size coaster you plan to make, you may want to embroider the design before the coaster is completely finished being stitched. In this case, don’t cut the rope! And be sure to leave nice long threads when you remove the coaster from your sewing machine. Then you can simply knot the thread ends together.

Tip #3: Use Spray Adhesive

You are going to “float” the rope coaster on top of the tear-away stabilizer. To hold the rope in place, simply spray the back (bottom) of the rope coaster with spray adhesive. I like to use Therm O Web Spray N Bond Quilt Basting Spray.

Tip #4: Select an Appropriate Design

For best results, don’t choose a design that is heavy on the satin stitching, with multiple layers, or solid fill. It’s also helpful to select a design that is round in shape. Here are a few designs from Embroidery Library that I have used successfully with rope:

You can also read here to find other embroidery design sources.

Tip #5: Use a New Needle

In order to have the best results and to keep your thread from breaking, be sure to use a new needle. Just like with sewing, you want to change your needle frequently. I like to use Organ 75/11 embroidery needles. Be sure to use the appropriate needle that is recommended by your embroidery machine manufacturer.

Hot Cocoa embroidered rope coaster

Tip #6: Use Water Soluble or Tear Away Stabilizer

Because the stabilizer will be on the bottom of your coaster, you really want to use a stabilizer that will be removed once you are finished with the embroidery design. I like using a tear-away stabilizer, but you can also use a water soluble stabilizer.

Tip #7: Hoop the Stabilizer

Make sure you hoop the stabilizer so that it is nice and taut. Again, you can use either water soluble or tear-away stabilizer.

Tip #8: Trim the Jump Threads

I like to trim my jump threads during the embroidering process. When the machine “jumps”, I let it take a couple stitches, pause the stitching, trim away the jump thread with a pair of small curved embroidery scissors, and then resume embroidering.

Also, I like to trim the thread tail once I change the thread color. I let the embroidery machine make a few stitches, pause the machine, and trim away the tail.

I find this creates a neater design. But, you can certainly wait until the design has finished embroidering before you trim your jump threads. If you leave the jump threads until the end, some of your stitches may stitch over top of the jump threads and you won’t be able to trim them or trim them as easily.

You’ll also want to trim the jump threads on the bottom of your coaster for a neater finish.

three embroidered rope coasters

How to Embroider on Clothesline Rope Coasters

Supplies Needed:

Equipment and Tools Needed:

You will also, need your sewing machine, cotton clothesline rope, and cotton or all-purpose thread to make the rope coasters. In addition, I recommend you use a denim needle when constructing the coaster. You’ll find the tutorial on how to Sew Cotton Clothesline Rope Coasters HERE.

embroidered rope coaster supplies

Embroidered Rope Coaster Inspiration

Here are some examples of rope coasters that I have embroidered. I’ll also leave a link to each of the embroidery designs below each image.

Doodle Canoe Embroidered Rope Coaster

This embroidery design is a one color design from Embroidery Library. It was super easy and fast to embroider.

doodle canoe embroidered rope coaster

Rabbit Animal Track Embroidered Rope Coaster

With only three color changes, this rabbit track design from Embroidery Library was a fun stitch. I have the whole collection of animal track designs from Embroidery Library and have even used them to make greeting cards.

rabbit tracks embroidered coaster

German Shepherd Silhouette Embroidered Coasters

We have a German Shepherd named Zoey who we absolutely adore. But, we also hade a GSD named Remo that we had to put down about two years ago now. It was a truly devastating loss to our family. This coaster is a tribute to Remo and is almost a perfectly matched silhouette.

When I stitched this design, my thread actually broke and I didn’t notice it. Thus, you’ll notice his left ear has a section missing. But, you and I are the only ones who know!

German Shepherd silhouette embroidered rope coaster

Hot Cocoa Embroidered Rope Coaster

This Hot Cocoa design from Designs by JuJu is part of a collection of designs called Farm Fresh Christmas 3. I loved the idea of the design, but it wasn’t the best fit for these rope coasters. I had multiple needle breaks and even had to skip over part of the design. However, I also used this design on some gift bags and it was just adorable!

hot cocoa embroidered rope coaster

Video Instruction

If you learn best by watching, simply click on the video image below to go to my YouTube channel to watch the video tutorial on How to Embroider on Cotton Clothesline Rope Coasters. And be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there!

embroidered rope coaster YouTube video


Learn how to embroider on a cotton clothesline basket

How to Embroider on Cotton Clothesline Rope

Yield: 1 embroidery design
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 5 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate

Learn how to embroider on cotton clothesline rope so you can make beautiful, custom, embroidered rope baskets, coasters, bins, placemats, and so much more!

Please read through the entire instructions before you begin this project.


  • water soluble stabilizer or tear-away stabilizer
  • embroidery thread
  • adhesive fabric spray
  • cotton clothesline rope
  • fabric protector spray (optional)


  • embroidery machine
  • embroidery hoop
  • scissors
  • fabric marker (I like to use Frixion pens)


  1. Follow the instructions on how to sew a cotton clothesline rope basket and stitch the rope until the diameter of the rope basket reaches its desired size for embroidering. It's helpful to keep it small enough to fit in your embroidery hoop.
    Do NOT cut the rope when you remove it from your sewing machine.
    Pull the bottom and top threads together and knot. Trim the thread.
  2. Load your hoop with stabilizer so that it is taut. Learn how to embroider on a cotton clothesline basket
  3. Apply adhesive spray to the back (bottom) of the coiled rope and center on top of the hooped stabilizer.
  4. Locate the center of your rope and mark with fabric marking pen. (I like to use FriXion pens by Pilot.)
  5. Load the hoop onto your embroidery machine.
  6. Load your design, if you haven't already, in your embroidery machine.
  7. Adjust the layout of your design so that the starting position of the needle is directly over the center mark on your coiled rope.
  8. Press "Start" on your embroidery machine.
  9. Continue to follow the prompts on your machine to change threads.
  10. When your embroidery machine creates jump stitches, pause the machine and trim the jump threads as you go. You can also wait until the design has finished stitching before you trim the jump threads, but I find that it gives a neater finished design if I trim as I go.
  11. When your design has finished stitching, remove the hoop from the machine. Unhoop the design.
  12. If you used tear away stabilizer, tear away the stabilizer from the back of the design. If you used water soluble stabilizer, follow the manufacturer's instructions to remove the stabilizer.


Once you have finished embroidering your design, you can continue sewing your basket, bin, coaster, placemat or whatever you're making with your clothesline rope.

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doodle canoe embroidered rope coaster

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