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Learn How to Sew a Fabric Keychain Wristlet

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This easy to sew fabric keychain wristlet is perfect for busy moms or anyone who needs to keep track of their keys – hands-free! 

I first made this fabric keychain wristlet when our daughter-in-law was expecting twins. This fabric keychain wristlet just seemed like such a great way to keep track of your keys hands-free! 

Can you imagine being the parent of twins? Just think about it for a minute. You have two babies, of course! But you also have two infant carriers, two diaper bags, a purse, an umbrella, your keys and any number of other things to keep track of all at the same time! 

Our twin granddaughters are 3-year-olds now. Their mom has done an amazing job caring for these two spunky girls, including while our son was on deployment to Afghanistan and living far away from family in Georgia. 

Besides my daughter-in-law, I also ended up making a keychain wristlet for each of our daughters, our two daughter-in-laws, our son’s girlfriend and for a dozen of my co-workers. The keychain wristlets were a big hit and make for a practical, thoughtful and much appreciated gift. 

How to Sew a Fabric Keychain Wristlet

These fabric keychain wristlets really are the perfect handmade gift for all your gift giving occasions: birthdays, baby showers, and even Christmas. Seriously, with just a little bit of fabric (you can even use up your scraps), a keychain clip and some supplies you probably already have on hand, you can whip several of these up in absolutely no time.

As with any sewing project, there are a few materials, supplies and tools you’ll want to have on hand before you try to sew a fabric keychain wristlet. 



  • Main fabric
  • Coordinating Fabric 
  • Matching thread
  • Fusible interfacing (Pellon 809 DecorBond)
  • Ribbon

Make Your Cuts:

1 – 2-¾” x 12”  or 13” main fabric

1 – 2-¾” x 12” or 13” contrasting fabric

1 – ¾” x 11” or 12” fusible interfacing

1 – ⅞” x 4” ribbon


1 – 3”x4” scrap of fabric (if using fabric for the band and the bias tape maker)

Sew Your Keychain Wristlet

Learn to Sew a Fabric Keychain Wristlet by The Birch Cottage


  1. Place the two long pieces of fabric face down on the ironing board, fold over ¼” of fabric along the long edges and press. I made a little guide withmarks at ¼” and ½” that takes the guesswork out of pressing edges and makes it much quicker.
  2. Fold long pieces in half length-wise, wrong sides together and press, keeping the edges even.
  3. Take the long piece of fabric that you’ll use for the outside of your wristlet and place it face down the on the ironing board. Center the strip of fusible interfacing on top of the wristlet strip and iron according to manufacturer’s instructions. Place the coordinating wristlet piece on top and pin or clip together.
  4. Optional: If you have basting glue, you can apply that to adhere the two pieces of fabric and secure them in place to keep them lined up. This basting glue comes in so handy. I didn’t have any on hand when I made this wristlet keychain or I would have used it. So, I opted for my second favorite option – wonder clips!
  5. Sew along both long edges of the wristlet, staying close to the edge, taking up about ⅛” seam.
  6. Slide the clip onto the wristlet so that the clip is facing the side of the fabric that you want to be the outside of the wristlet.
  7. Making a sort of loop with the wristlet, overlap the ends about ¼” with one on top of the other about ¼”. 
  8. Sew these together using a zig-zag stitch several times back and forth so that it does not come apart.
  9. To seal the ends of the 4” ribbon, burn the edges with a lighter or match to prevent unraveling.
  10. Move the clip around the wristlet so that the seam is about ½” to 1” above the clip. Fold the ribbon in half and align this fold up with the edges of the wristlet. Wrap each end around the wristlet and tuck both ends of the ribbon inside of the wristlet. Use a wonder clip or pin to hold in place. (Yet another opportunity to use basting glue!)
  11. Sew along the top and bottom edges of the ribbon. To make it extra secure,sew back and forth a few times. You could also sew along all four edges and make an “x” in the middle of the band.

How to Use a Bias Tape Maker

For a video tutorial on making a wristlet using a bias tape maker and fabric instead of the ribbon, watch  the Crafty Gemini sharing a video tutorial for the Missouri Quilt Co.

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Learn to Sew a Fabric Keychain Wristlet by The Birch Cottage

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for this easy to sew fabric keychain wristlet. 

Share your handmade Fabric Wristet Keychains

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Til next time… 

Pam from The Birch Cottage

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