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Learn to Sew Flannel Burp Cloths using Pre-Folded Cloth Diapers

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These flannel burp cloths are easy to sew. Made from pre-folded diapers and flannel, they just might be the perfect DIY burp cloth.

flannel burp cloths

I was cleaning and organizing my craft room, when I came across some pre-folded cloth diapers. Even though our youngest is 23 and we don’t have any grandbabies on the way, I do like to keep cloth diapers on hand for gift giving.

flannel burp cloths

Why? Because I think these pre-folded cloth diapers make the perfect burp cloth. Add some cute fabric and they’re just over-the-top perfectly adorable!

As I’m sure you could imagine, these flannel burp cloths can be made in any print or color scheme you can imagine. Plus, have you seen all the DIY Burp Cloth Tutorial #1

You might recall that I previously shared a DIY Burp Cloth Tutorial for sewing your own burp cloths using pre-folded diapers and a strip of flannel or cotton fabric down the center of the diaper.

Well, recently I made some burp cloths for a friend who was a first-time grandmother and I decided to use flannel that was cut to the same size as the full cloth diaper. I just loved the way they turned out.

So, now you have two options. The first tutorial I actually shared over on Ideas for the Home by Kenarry. You’ll see the DIY Burp Cloths pictured above and find the tutorial here.

Flannel Burp Cloths

flannel burp cloths

Now, for the tutorial to sew burp cloths made out of pre-folded diapers and flannel cut to the same size as the diaper.


plaid flannel fabric, pre-folded diapers, scissors, rotary cutter, mat and ruler

There are just a few supplies and tools or equipment that you’ll need to make these flannel burp cloths using pre-folded diapers.

Video Tutorial

Below is a video tutorial on how to sew a flannel burp cloth using pre-folded diapers. You’ll also find this video on my YouTube Channel. It would be awesome if you’d visit me on YouTube and subscribe to my channel while you’re there!


There are really just four easy steps and you can have a flannel burp cloth sewn in about 15 minutes.

Step One: Cut Fabric

flannel fabric and pre-folded diaper

Technically, step one is pre-washing both the cloth diapers and the flannel fabric. This is really important for shrinkage reasons. You’ll also want to iron both the diapers and the fabric.

So, after you have pre-washed, dried and ironed both the pre-folded diapers and the flannel fabric, you’ll want to cut the fabric approximately 13″Wx19″H – or the exact measurement of your pre-folded diapers.

Step Two: Sew

Lay the flannel fabric face-down on top of the diaper and pin in place. Using a 1/4″-1/2″ seam allowance, sew the flannel to the diaper, leaving a 3″ opening for turning.

Clip the corners, trim the seam allowance and turn right side out.

Step Three: Press

Once you turn the burp cloth inside out, press it flat; make sure to press the opening flat as well, with the seam allowance on the inside of the burp cloth.

Step Four: Top Stitch

Next you’re going to top stitch approximately 3″ from each of the long edges. And you’ll also top stitch close to the edge (less than 1/4″) around the entire perimeter of the burp cloth.

flannel burp cloths with ribbon

So, now you have not one but two different ways to DIY burp cloths using pre-folded diapers. Which method do you prefer? And, like I said, they’d make great gifts for first-time moms, first-time grandmas, baby showers and more!

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