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Free Printable Care Tags for Cast Iron Skillet Handle Covers

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Download this set of Free Printable Care Tags for Cast Iron Skillet Handle Covers. Include a care tag with your handmade cast iron skillet handle covers.

I love creating and including care tags with handmade gifts. The care tags not only tell the recipient how to use the item, but also how to care for it.

printable cast iron skillet handle cover care tags

Through the years, I’ve made and included care tags for:

HINT: You can download and print any of the above care tags! Just click on any of the above links to go to the blog post, fill out the form requesting the printable, and it will be emailed to you!

Care Tags for Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover

You may recall that I shared a tutorial and pattern to make a Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover. Well, these tags were designed for giving with your handmade handle covers.

There are actually two styles of care tags. One is shaped like a cast iron skillet and intended to be inserted into the opening for the handle cover. The other is a wrap that you actually wrap around the handle cover.

Skillet Shaped Care Tags

The printable cast iron skillet handle cover care tags read: “Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover – Handmade, Machine Wash, Tumble Dry Low, Do Not Use in the Oven”.

To use the tag, you simply insert it into the opening of the handle cover.

skillet shaped care tag

Wrap Care Tags

The wrap style care tags read: “cast iron skillet handle cover, handmade especially for you”. There is also information on the care of the handle covers on the left and the contents (cotton fabric, polyester and/or cotton batting) on the right.

Simply center the wrap over the front of the handle covers and fold each end towards the back. The back sections will overlap. I usually just add a piece of tape to hold in place, but you could also use glue or a glue stick.

handle cover wraps

Printable Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover Care Tags

Supplies Needed

Before you can print out the care tags, you’ll need just a few supplies:

How to Use

  1. To use the printable Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover Care Tags, you’ll first want to download the care tags. Just fill out the below form to have the PDF sent to your email inbox.
  2. Once you download the care tags, you’ll want to print them. Be sure to select “Actual Size”, “100%”, or “Full Size” in your printer dialog box. I recommend printing them on nice cardstock paper.
  3. Then cut out the care tags. I simply used scissors to cut out around the skillet shaped care tags. I used my Fiskars paper trimmer to cut out the wraps.
  4. For the wrap, you simply wrap it around the handle cover, overlap the ends and tape or glue in place.


Simply fill out the below form to have the two-page PDF document emailed directly to you.

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REMINDER: Be sure to select Actual Size, 100%, or Full Size when you print the care tags.

handle cover with wrap and skillet shaped care tag

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Susan Lapierre-Jones

Friday 12th of July 2024

I am so glad to get these. I am not having an easy time figuring out to get them. In fact, I have no idea what I did on the original link to get this offer.

Pamela Baker

Friday 12th of July 2024

Hi, Susan. When you fill out the above form with your name and email address, the pattern is emailed to you.

In fact, you will find one of these forms for each pattern, printable or download here on The Birch Cottage.

Thank you!!