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Free Printable Fig Botanical Illustrations Wall Art

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A collection of five beautiful fig botanical vintage illustrations wall art. These fig botanical illustrations are sure to add classic style with a touch of farmhouse charm to your home decor.

I became interested in figs when I ran across these beautiful vintage illustrations of figs on the New York Public Library Digital Collections website. Aren’t these illustrations just amazing? I know, I say that about all the vintage illustrations I share with you! But, these really are. The detail of the fruit and their amazing leaves combine together for an eye catching print or wall art.

5 Free Fig Vintage Illustrations by The Birch Cottage

Speaking of fig leaves, did you know they are edible as well? You can read all about the benefits of fig leaves here.

5 Free Fig Vintage Illustrations by The Birch Cottage
5 Free Fig Vintage Illustrations by The Birch Cottage

5 Free Printable Vintage Fig Botanical Illustrations

I had previously shared these vintage fig illustrations along with 8 amazing fig recipes, plus information on the health benefits of eating figs here. But, I felt like the free printable fig illustrations maybe got lost in the post. These prints are definitely worth bringing to the forefront!

5 Free Fig Vintage Illustrations by The Birch Cottage

Download the Fig Botanical Illustsrations

I’ve put all five vintage fig illustration prints together in one convenient PDF. You can download the set for FREE as a subscriber to The Birch Cottage newsletter. You can sign up below:


Printing and framing your vintage illustrations couldn’t be simpler. Here’s a list of supplies and tools that you might need to make the job easier:



Sign up to get the free printable fig vintage illustrations using the form earlier in this blog post. Then download the free PDF and print your preferred design. Remember, choosing the highest quality settings in your printer settings will give you the best quality print.


I always recommend using nice cardstock paper for your prints. Whether you’re using cardstock or printer paper, you’ll want to cut and trim the prints using either a pair of scissors or a paper trimmer to fit the frame for your project (typically 8″x10″). 


Once you’ve printed and trimmed your print to the appropriate size, you’ll want to place it in a frame. If you’re using a matted frame, it may not be necessary for you to trim the print first. 

More Vintage Illustrations

I sort of have an obsession with vintage illustrations. As just might be evident in the variety you will find here on The Birch Cottage blog.

Of course, you can download your own illustrations from the NYPL or other digital collections of public domain books, but you might prefer to obtain your prints here on The Birch Cottage. Why? Well, because I actually go through the process of trying to clean them up just a little so that they look at little nicer when you print them.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Plus you can always visit the Vintage Illustrations page here on The Birch Cottage blog, too!

Fig Recipes

Like I said, I previously shared this amazing collection of delicious fig recipes. There are the classic fig newton cookies, fig jam, bar cookies and even stuffed figs. You’ll find all eight recipes right here.

8 Fig Recipes by The Birch Cottage

Fig Botanical Illustrations as Wall Art Gifts

I just adore these fig vintage illustrations. I think they are classic, vibrant and will just add a timeless touch to your home decor. Guess what else, these fig illustrations make a fantastic gift as wall art. You can print them out on nice cardstock, trim them to size (if necessary) and frame them. Wouldn’t they make a lovely housewarming gift?

5 Free Fig Vintage Illustrations by The Birch Cottage

Aren’t they just lovely?! I hope you are able to find a use for them as wall art in your home or as a nice gift!

Til next time…

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