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Free Twins Printable – Heaven Knows

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Our son Brandon and his wife Jennifer were home for Christmas from Germany. It had been a very long 2-1/2 years since we’ve seen Brandon and we were so excited to have him home. I really just wanted to sit and stare at him for hours – with an occasional hug for good measure. But, I did have to reluctantly share them with the rest of the family.

As we were sitting in our newly converted family room in the basement opening Christmas presents, Brandon hands me a package and tells me he’d like me to open this gift from him and Jenn now.  I took the gift bag, peeled back the tissue paper, reached inside and pulled out a small baby bottle. I heart began to beat faster and the only words I could utter were “oh, no”. No idea why I chose to utter those words, but that’s what I kept saying. Well, there was a note inside the little baby bottle and I opened the bottle to read it. On the little slip of paper tucked inside the baby bottle was written:

Grandparents day starts July 2015

My heart literally leaped for joy, not just because I was going to be given the priceless gift of being a grandparent, but because I knew my son and daughter-in-law were so ready to become parents and that they would make spectacular parents. The story doesn’t end there….
A few days later Jennifer started feeling really bad. To be on the safe side, they took her to the emergency room to be evaluated. While there, of course, they checked out the baby. The ultrasound technician asked Jennifer, “So, which of the babies do you have an ultrasound picture of?” Jennifer told the tech that she had a picture of her baby, of course. Then the tech realized that Jennifer didn’t know she was expecting not one but two babies. They did indeed have an ultrasound of one baby and now they had an ultrasound of twins!

Well, this morning, I received a phone call from Brandon and Jennifer from Germany and was informed that they are having twin girls. Their names will be Cora and Pearl. So excited to be welcoming two new family members this summer. This nana absolutely cannot wait to hold, pound and love on those bundles of blessings.

Free “Heaven Knows” Twins Printable

In celebration of our news, I’m sharing this free twins printable, “Heaven Knows” with twenty little fingers and twenty little toes. You can download the PDF version here.

Heaven Knows Printable

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Pamela Bennett

Wednesday 1st of April 2015

I saw similar prints online, and thought "Hey, I can make that!" I designed the print in Photoshop and printed it out using a laser printer. I think it's adorable!


Wednesday 1st of April 2015

Love it!


Tuesday 31st of March 2015

This is adorable! Did you craft this? I'm gonna have to get one for Emily.

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