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God Bless America Print with Military Logos

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I love all things patriotic. So, when my dear reader friend Becky asked if I would consider creating a patriotic print using the lyrics to God Bless America, I immediately added that idea to my to-do list for next year. Earlier this week I shared the first God Bless America Print.

But, instead of working on this project next year, life had other plans. I had some spare time on my hands due to some minor health issues and ended up creating two God Bless America prints and two note cards. A sort of 4-in-1 project.

God Bless America Print #1

There’s only a slight difference in these two prints. Have you noticed what’s different? You can download the first God Bless America print in this blog post here.

 patriotic God Bless America print by The Birch Cottage

God Bless America Print #2

Can you detect the difference now? Here’s the difference. I added the official seals from each of the branches of the military to the print. The inspiration for these prints and the addition of the military seals came from Becky – a reader of The Birch Cottage blog.

Becky, these prints are for you! Thank you for such a great idea! I hope this is what you had in mind!

patriotic God Bless America print by The Birch Cottage

Download God Bless America Prints

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