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It’s been a great week here at The Birch Cottage. Although the weather started this week out kinda crazy with high temps (90’s), high humidity and high allergen counts, the week is ending on a brighter and cooler note. Honestly, with all the excitement over our grandbabies visiting from Georgia, I’ve hardly noticed the weather. That would not be the same for my Lenny though. He’s out driving in this heat, mowing the grass, working on our house, grilling hamburgers for 20 people and making time for our precious grandbabies.

Celebrating Grandbabies


We had a nice little family cookout on Labor Day, with all of our children except our sailor girl, who’s on deployment, and the baby boy, who’s in college. We even had a few other family members and cousins join us. It was just a great day to spend with family, pass the babies around and enjoy one more family cookout together.

The grandbabies are 9 weeks old now. They’re healthy, growing by the minute and oh so yummy! I had the privilege of sending our son and his wife out on a date Tuesday evening so I could babysit. I got lots of rocking, singing, cuddling, bathing, feeding and just good ol’ fashioned baby snuggling time in with the girls. It was one of those rare days where our grandson wasn’t the center of attention. He’s a great kid, too, and he got some cousin time in as well.

GrandbabiesWell, if you haven’t or don’t hear much from me this week, I hope you understand it’s simply because my focus is on a couple of little precious bundles of joy. Family, it really is what matters most!

Til next time…

Pam at The Birch Cottage


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