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Beautiful Hand Carved Wooden Bowls

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Lenny made some beautiful hand carved wooden bowls! I’ve been wanting to share these hand carved wooden bowls with you for some time. Lenny is quite the craftsman and he’s been honing his carpentry and wood-turning skills. Hand Carved Wooden Bowls by The Birch Cottage

These are a couple of my favorite wooden pieces. The bowl, lid and vase were all hand turned on a lathe.

Lenny made some beautiful wood bowls on The Birch Cottage

Lenny made the hand carved wooden vase out of maple and oak. The vase and the daisies were my Valentine’s Day present this year. I loved them both! Daisies are my favorite flowers. Actually, I like just about every kind of flower. It would be easier if I just told you what flowers I don’t like. Peonies.

Hand Carved Wooden Vase


A lot of people like Peonies. But, did you know that they attract ants? I remember when I was a little girl growing up in Washington Court House (yes, that’s a city) and we had Peony bushes growing around our house. They seemed to always have ants crawling all over them. The blooms are beautiful, but the ants made the flower seem a little creepy.


My mom tried to tell me that the ants and Peonies were helping one another. Something about the ants being attracted to the nectar and the peonies need the ants to remove the nectar (blah, blah, blah), but regardless, you have to admit it’s kind of creepy. Right?


Okay, enough about Peonies and back to my beautiful hand carved wooden bowls.

Hand Carved Wooden Bowls


Lenny’s been doing a lot of carving. He’s had carved wooden bowls, jewelry boxes, spinning tops, bowls with lids, pill boxes, vases and bowls of varying shapes and sizes.


Lenny’s been turning maple, oak, spalted oak, spalted maple and numerous other exotic woods.


In addition to fine tuning his wood-turning skills, Lenny’s been working on different types of finishes. Did you know some wood finishes are meant to add shine and luster while others provide a protective finish? You can even make your wood waterproof.


Lenny’s actually come up with his own homemade wood finish. I’ve asked him if he’d like to share this recipe with you and he said “yes”. So, as soon as I can get him to pin down the exact recipe, I’ll share that with you along with any tips for finishing wood that he thinks might be helpful to you.  So, what do you think? Aren’t they just beautiful?! I think so!


I know I’m really lucky to have such a handy and talented carpenter living under my roof. He’s made some incredible pieces through the years. In fact, a few years ago Lenny started collecting what we call “beaver wood.”  You know, those pieces of wood that had been chewed by beavers and washed up on shore along the river bank. Anyway, after about a gazillion hours of hand sanding with different grits of sandpaper and 1,000 coats of teak or tung oil, those beaver sticks are transformed into beautiful walking sticks. Absolutely beautiful! (I promise I’ll share pictures of those as well.)

In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy these beautiful hand carved wooden bowls. But, wait until you see what else he’s been making in his wood shop!

Til next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage

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