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Holiday Cookie Guide 2018

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The Columbus Dispatch shares 25 reader submitted recipes in its 10th annual Holiday Cookie Guide, including the Egg Nog Cookies recipe by The Birch Cottage.

The Dispatch reported:

More than 200 readers responded to our call for recipes, with many sharing their family favorites and the stories behind them. We have selected 25 of those here, lovingly testing each one with the help of Dispatch employees and their relatives.

The Columbus Dispatch

A few months ago, I ran across a notice in our local newspaper, The Columbus Dispatch, enticing readers to think about and share their favorite holiday cookie recipe. Recipes would then be tested and tasted for consideration in the upcoming 2018 Holiday Cookie Guide. 

The Columbus Dispatch has been a part of my family for as long as I can remember. If you’ve been to downtown Columbus, Ohio, you’ve probably seen the iconic sign that reads, “Dispatch – Ohio’s Greatest Home Newspaper”. 


My mother-in-law, whom our children affectionately called “Nanny”, used to sit on her enclosed front porch, reading the paper, clipping recipes, obituaries and anything else of interest to her, while keeping a watchful eye on the neighborhood. 

I can’t help but think about Nanny when I think about The Dispatch. In fact, the last recipe she clipped and shared with me was for Candied Pecans and she wanted to know if I had ever made them. Which was really her way of asking me to make them. Of course, I made her a double batch.

So, when I saw the call for contributors from The Dispatch, I thought it would be a nice gesture to submit a recipe in memory of Nanny. And, that’s exactly what I did! 

Do You Make Egg Nog Cookies?

Super Soft Egg Nog Cookies by The Birch Cottage

Imagine my surprise when I received a telephone call from a coworker in another building asking, “Do you make egg nog cookies?” I was really quite taken by surprise and simply answered (somewhat bewildered), “Why, yes, I do! Why do you ask? And how would you even know to ask me such a question?”

Well, she had been perusing our local newspaper looking for the names of any of our students (I work for a local high school) that the School District might want to recognize, when she saw my name.  I’m really surprised I wasn’t notified by The Dispatch. 

2018 Holiday Cookie Guide

2018 is the 10th edition of the Holiday Cookie Guide for The Dispatch. The Guide is really a nice little booklet, full of recipes, both reader submitted and Dispatch classic recipes from prior years, as well as helpful hints and baking tips. 

I wish Nanny was here to see the recipe in the Holiday Cookie Guide 2018. She would be so proud. And she’d be on the phone to Aunt Pat, her sister, telling her all about it. I miss Nanny. I’m just so very grateful to have gotten to know her and to be a part of her family, even if only for a short time. Her love of food and sweet treats, like these Eggnog Cookies, will not soon be forgotten. 

Download 2018 Holiday Cookie Guide

If you’d like your very own digital copy of the 2018 Holiday Cookie Guide from The Columbus Dispatch, you can download a FREE digital copy from the Dispatch website.  Simply follow the link here to the Dispatch website and look for the “Download the Holiday Cookie Guide here” link.  (Refer to the image below for the location of the download link.)

This is a really nice little Holiday Cookie Guide book full of tasty cookie treats and baking tips. I think you’ll really like it and I’m especially happy to be sharing it with you since it features my Egg Nog Cookie Recipe

More Cookie Recipes

If you like cookie recipes, you might also like these family favorite recipes. And, if you like egg nog, you’ll want to try the muffins, too! 

I’m looking forward to our marathon cookie baking with my daughters. We usually set aside one day or evening and bake until we drop. I like to bake close to Christmas, otherwise, we seem to run out of cookies no matter how many we bake. Do you have that problem? 

Favorite Cookie Recipes??

As I was browsing through the Holiday Cookie Guide 2018 for the tenth time, the thought or idea occurred to me, wouldn’t it make for a lovely gift if I were to put together a cookie guide from The Birch Cottage? Only this guide would include reader submitted recipes, tips and stories, as well as some of my family’s favorites. 

So, think about it, and let me know if you’d like to submit a recipe, tip or story – or all of the above! 

Til next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage


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