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How to Get Pinterest Rich Pins

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Last week I gave you my 5 Reasons to Use Pinterest Rich Pins. Today, I’d like to tell you how to get Pinterest Rich Pins. The setup is really easy and right now Pinterest is offering setup in less than 24-hours. But, first, just a little reminder about the advantages of using Pinterest Rich Pins.

What are Rich Pins?

Rich Pins are Pinterest Pins that include extra details on the Pins from your website. Rich Pins offer more details than your normal Pinterest pins, therefore making them more useful. These Rich Pins are also known as ‘Super Pins’ or ‘Enhanced Pins’ and are a pretty new tool for business.  Rich Pins will not only display the image and a short description, but will also include such information as price, stock availability, location and more!

The Birch Cottage explains what Rich Pins are, why you want them and how to get Pinterest Rich Pins

With this additional information automatically included with your Pin, it can make your Pins seem more relevant and useful to pinners. Rich Pins give Pinterest users the ability to directly act on pins. So, what does this mean to you as a blogger or small business owner?  With Rich Pins, recipes can include ingredients, products can include price and availability, etc.

6 Types of Pinterest Rich Pins by The Birch Cottage

There are six types of Rich Pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place. To take advantage of Rich Pins, you’ll first need to create a Pinterest business account.

App Pins include an install button, so Pinners can download your app without ever leaving Pinterest. (Compatible with iOS apps only.)

Place Pins include a map, address and phone number and “take travelers to their next adventure.”

Article Pins include headline, author and story description, which helps pinners create reading lists on stories that matter to them.

Product Pins “make it easy for people to buy your stuff.” They include real time pricing, availability and where to buy. Pinners also get notified automatically when prices drop more than 10%.

Recipe Pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving info, teaching “foodies to make recipes from your site.”

Movie Pins include ratings, cast members and reviews, showing “film buffs their favorite movies.”

Read more about Rich Pins from Pinterest for Business at:

How to Get Pinterest Rich Pins by The Birch Cottage
(For Users)

In order to get Pinterest Rich Pins for your site or blog, there are a couple of things you need to do to your website or blog to prepare for using Rich Pins and then apply to get them on Pinterest. Fortunately, for users of, there is a simple solution with Yoast SEO plugin.

  1. Install Yoast SEO plugin.
  2. Once you’ve installed Yoast SEO plugin, go to your Wordress Dashboard and select SEO > Social.
  3. Selct the check box “Add Open Graph meta data”. This is where the magic happens. Yoast SEO will automatically (there’s that word again) add the necessary meta tags to your blog posts.
  4. In your browser, go to Pinterest’s Rich Pin Validator and enter in a link to any post on your site. It really doesn’t matter which post and it only has to be one post.

  1. Click “Validate”.
  2. After validating, you should see a message that says “you pin’s been validated!” Click “Apply Now.”
  3. A popup will come up with your website’s doman and “HTML tags” selected. Click Apply Now once again and you’re done.

To make it easier, I have created these step-by-step instructions to guide you through the setup process. You can download these instructions in PDF format here!

Happy pinning!!


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