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How to Make Essential Oil Room Sprays

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Freshen up your home anytime with homemade essential oil room sprays. Remove pesky odors or take advantage of aromatherapy properties with these easy recipes.

I’m not an essential oils expert by any means. I’ve made a few essential oil sprays for my personal use over the years and thought I’d share some of my essential oil room spray recipes with you.

One of the truly unique things about homemade essential oil room sprays is that you can make the spray any scent you want.

Our youngest son loves lavender. So when he was here visiting a few weeks ago, I had a bottle of lavender spray sitting beside his bed. He loved it!

amber spray bottle

How to Make Essential Oil Room Sprays

This is a really easy and simple how-to for making homemade room sprays with essential oil. Let’s answer some questions you may have first.


What type of bottles do I use?

To protect and prolong the life of the essential oils used in the room sprays, it is always recommended that you use a dark colored glass spray bottle. Here are a couple of recommendations:

Do I have to use a dark colored glass bottle?

It is always recommended that you use glass in a dark colored bottle with essential oils. You want to use glass because the essential oils can break down plastic and the glass is also much easier to clean. You want to use an amber or cobalt dark colored glass to protect the essential oils from sunlight. Essential oils and your room sprays can last a long time if protected from harmful sunlight.

How much essential oil do I use?

I recommend you use a 4 oz amber or cobalt glass spray bottle. For a bottle of this size you would use about 30 drops of essential oil.

Why do I use witch hazel or vodka?

You can use either witch hazel or vodka with the essential oils to create your homemade room spray. Essential oil doesn’t mix very well with water. So you add an agent to the oil that will help it to blend better. The agents of choice are witch hazel or vodka.

Can I use something other than witch hazel or vodka?

Yes, you can also use baking soda. To learn how to make essential oil room sprays with baking soda, you can watch this video from Our Oily House. (I have not tried this method.)

Do I have to use bottled water?

For the best results, I recommend the use of purified water. There may be chemicals or substances in your water such as iron or calcium that may not react well with your essential oils.

amber glass spray bottle

Can I use a larger glass spray bottle?

While the answer to this question is yes, I would caution you to make smaller bottles. The room spray is so easy to mix up, you can always make more. And you’ll know that the essential oil room spray you do have is nice and aromatic and fresh!

If you think you’ll use a lot of the essential oil room spray in your home then, by all means, use a larger bottle. Here are a few options:

How much essential oil do I use for an 8 oz bottle of room spray?

Well, for every 4 oz. you will use about 30 drops of essential oil. So, for an 8 oz spray bottle you would use about 60 drops and for a 16 oz spray bottle you would use 120 drops.

How much witch hazel or vodka do I use for an 8 oz bottle of essential oil room spray?

After you add your essential oil drops to the glass spray bottle, fill the bottle about half full with either witch hazel or vodka. Put the lid back on the bottle and give it a good shake. This will help to blend the oil with the vodka or witch hazel. Then finish filling the bottle with purified water. Just be sure to leave a little bit of room for shaking the bottle.

More questions?

If you have more questions about making homemade essential oil room sprays, feel free to leave your questions in the comments below.

Supplies Needed

Like I said, you can make your room spray with either vodka or witch hazel, you’ll also need some essential oils, glass spray bottles (I like to use 4 oz or 8 oz), purified water, and a funnel will come in handy. Sometimes when you order the bottles, they also come with a small funnel.

Here are the ones I’ve used:

amber glass spray bottle
Essential Oil Room Sprays

Essential Oil Room Sprays

Essential oil room sprays are one of the easiest products for you to make at home. And they make for one very thoughtful gift. Use the essential oil room sprays any place that is prone to odors, such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, home gyms, and more. They are also a great way to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils.


Mulled Orange Cider Essential Oil Room Spray

  • 15 drops cinnamon bard essential oil
  • 10 drops orange/sweet orange essential oil
  • 3 drops clove essential oil
  • vodka or witch hazel
  • distilled water

Sugar Cookie Essential Oil Room Spray

  • 10 drops almond essential oil
  • 5-6 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
  • 5-6 drops sweet orange essential oil
  • vodka or witch hazel
  • distilled water

Peppermint Hot Cocoa Essential Oil Room Spray

  • 13 drops cacao absolute oil
  • 7 drops peppermint essential oil
  • vodka or witch hazel
  • distilled water


  • 4 oz. amber glass spray bottle
  • funnel


  1. Add essential oils to a clean and dry 4 oz amber or cobalt glass spray bottle.
  2. Add enough witch hazel or vodka to fill the bottle half-full. Shake well.
  3. Add enough distilled water to fill the glass bottle, leaving enough room for shaking. Again, shake well to combine.

To Use:

Simply shake the essential oil spray bottle well before each use and spray as needed.

Use to spray in the air around your home, in your car, in your shoes, and anywhere you want a fresh scent!


To make your own custom scent, simply combine approximately 30 drops of essential oil to an amber glass spray bottle. Then add the alcohol or witch hazel and the distilled water.

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