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How to Wind a Bobbin

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Learning how to properly wind a bobbin is essential to having good sewing results. Follow these tips on how to wind a bobbin.

Did you know there’s a “right way” to wind your sewing machine bobbin with thread?

It’s such a simple thing that makes a big difference to your stitches. And will save you a lot of frustration.

How to Wind a Bobbin Tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when winding your bobbin:

Tip#1: Always Wind Clockwise

When you wind the thread on the bobbin, always wind the thread clockwise around the bobbin.

Tip #2: Wind at Full or Fast Speed

Once you have your bobbin on the bobbin wind pin, use the fastest setting on your sewing machine or press the pedal all the way and wind the bobbin at the fastest speed.

Tip #3: Read Your Manual

You should always refer to your sewing machine manual. The manufacturer of your sewing machine will provide you with the most accurate sewing machine for your make and model.

Tip #4: Use the Correct Bobbin

Not all sewing machines use the same size bobbin. My Janome uses a size J bobbin. It’s a plastic bobbin and loads into my sewing machine from the top. Please refer to your sewing machine manual (see Tip#3 above) for the type of bobbin your machine takes.

There are some front loading machines that use metal bobbins. Just as an example.

Janome Memory Craft

I currently sew with a Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QCP Special Edition sewing machine. There’s an extra step when winding the bobbin. When you place the bobbin on the bobbin winding pin, you will want to rotate the bobbin clockwise until it “clicks” into place. If you listen carefully, you can hear the bobbin click into place. You can also feel the bobbin clicking or sort of locking into place.

Video Tutorial

You’ll find the full video tutorial on Hooked on Sewing on YouTube. Visit the Hooked on Sewing YouTube Channel by clicking on the below image. And, while you’re there, be sure to subscribe to the channel so you’ll be notified when new sewing videos are made available.

Learn to Sew Series

If you are new to sewing, be sure to check out the Learn to Sew Series on Hooked on Sewing (a sister site to The Birch Cottage). I cover all the basics in a practical way that will help you get your sewing journey off to a great start.

Even if you’re not new to sewing, you just might learn a sewing technique or tip that will be useful to you. I’ve been sewing for years and years and I’m always learning something new.

Visit Hooked on Sewing for the full tutorial on How to Wind a Bobbin.

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