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I haven’t forgotten you, I promise!

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I feel like I haven’t talked, visited or shared with you in quite some time, but I haven’t forgotten you, I promise! Sometimes I don’t think you know just what a pleasure it is for me to share all my creative ideas and family happenings here with you at The Birch Cottage. The past couple of weeks have been a little crazy and I’m just playing a game called “catch up.”

The French River by The Birch Cottage

To be honest with you, I’m experiencing a little problem called sciatica. It’s this little nerve problem that flares up from time to time and prevents me from sitting for very long periods of time. Actually, it’s a little more problematic than that because it also prohibits me from doing just about anything I normally do. But, my Lenny is taking good care of me and I’ll be back in the swing of things soon.

The French River by The Birch Cottage

Besides, I have soooo much to share with you that I just can’t hardly contain myself. Obviously, I have all kinds of DIY, craft, recipe and re–purposing ideas to share with you, but I also can’t wait to share with you about our Spring break road trip. It was quite a doozy! Boy, did we cover some miles!


Anyway, it’s off to bed with me, where I’m hoping I’ll just sleep this sciatica away and I’ll be back tomorrow to share with you.  Thanks for being so patient and understanding.  I’ll be back soon and I promise, I haven’t forgotten about you!

Til next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage

P.S. These are just a few of my 1,000’s of French River pictures! 


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