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Last Minute Father’s Day Dinner and DIY Gift Ideas

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I don’t know how it happens, but birthdays and some holidays have a way of sneaking up on me. It seems I always have the best intentions of planning ahead, but it never fails that I’m rushing around at the last minute trying to put something together. If that describes you, then I’ve got just the solution for you with my last minute Father’s Day dinner and DIY gift ideas.

Last Minute Father's Day Dinner and DIY Gift Ideas from The Birch Cottage

So, you wake up Saturday morning only to realize that tomorrow is Father’s Day. Panic sets in and you’ve got to come up with a plan – fast. Not just any plan will do, it’s got to be something special but that you can pull off quickly. Oh, man, I’ve been there!

My daughter Stephanie is a prime example of birthdays that always sneak up on me. It’s not like her birthday changes from year to year. The reason her birthday sneaks up on me is that it’s just a couple of weeks after Christmas. With all the holiday shopping, gift making and family get togethers, just when I think I can take a breath I remember my daughter’s birthday is just a week (or days) away. Year after year. You would think I would get a clue and do something different, right?

Well, Father’s Day is kind of like that for me this year. I have an “excuse” though. Our children are all over the age of 18 now. So it would stand to reason that they would be planning what they’re doing for their dad for Father’s Day. But, that doesn’t happen either. So, here I am at the last minute trying to put together our Father’s Day celebration.

I don’t know about you, but my go to for inspiration is Pinterest. Of course, I have lots of ideas here on The Birch Cottage blog like these recipes that will help you with your last minute Father’s Day dinner plans:

And if you’re looking for some last minute Father’s Day DIY project ideas, be sure to check out these projects:

I also found some really nice printables on Pinterest that are free to download. You simply need to purchase/paint/make/repurpose a frame and you’ve got an inexpensive Father’s Day gift or card. One of my favorite Father’s Day printables was this set of chalkboard printables from The Shabby Creek Cottage. Love it!

Father's Day Chalkboard Printables from The Shabby Creek Cottage

While you’re there visiting, be sure to check out all of Gina’s free printables and DIY projects. She has some great family friendly ideas and she has some great home organization and cleaning tips!

Believe it or not, I’m still not sure what we’re doing this year for Father’s Day. {Sigh!}

Til next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage


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