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Learning from COVID-19

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I’m learning from COVID-19 to Not isolate and be fearful. But to seize this time as an opportunity to stop, listen and really be present.

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Learning from COVID-19

Inspiration from an Unexpected Source

I heard a short interview recently on the Today show with Iyanla Vanzant. I had never heard of her before – maybe you have. She’s an inspirational speaker who recently also did an interview with Oprah Winfrey on what COVID-19 is here to teach us. So, I stopped what I was doing and listened.

What I gleaned from Iyanla’s message was this, the Coronavirus is trying to tell us something. It’s telling us to go home and go within. Instead of using this time to be introspective and deal with real issues within ourselves, we’re busy wondering when we’re going to be permitted to go get a haircut, a manicure, dine out at our favorite restaurant or just go wherever it is we’re wanting to go. 

Go home and go within.

Iyanla Vanzant

Guilty of Not Living

Although I haven’t been guilty of worrying about when I’m going to get my hair done or go out to eat again, I have been guilty of not using this time in a productive way.

I have been guilty of allowing the fear and stress to have power over my life – over my living. I don’t want to live in a world where I’m fearful all the time. You know, the fear didn’t come from COVID-19, it came from me. I brought it to the party, so to speak. COVID-19 just magnified it. 

Living with Fear

To be honest, I am fearful. The one thing I’m most fearful about is losing my husband – Coronavirus or northerlies. You see, he suffers from a type of blood cancer that makes him very, very vulnerable. I feel like my efforts to protect him just quite simply are not enough. My fear is rational and irrational all at the same time. 

I am trying to figure out how to live in this new world of ours without being so fearful. It’s a challenge, for sure. But you know what? I want to live. I mean REALLY live! I hope you do, too!

Learning to Be Present

One of the things that staying home during a pandemic has caused me to do is to truly be present with my family. When my husband or our son talks to me, I try to stop what I’m doing, look at them and really listen.

I don’t interrupt or cut off their talking (which I’m really bad about doing). I listen. I ask questions. And, good or bad, I’m all in. Being truly present is something as a mom and wife I’ve really had to work at. I’m always trying to do too many things at once and when I do, it’s impossible for me to do any one of those things really well.

Being Grateful for Life’s Interruptions

I am certainly learning to be more grateful during the COVID-19 pandemic. One thing I think we can all agree on is that COVID-19 has certainly interrupted our lives in unexpected ways.

But, you know what? Not all interruptions are bad.

I read recently that 2020 just might be the year that changes our lives in positive ways in spite of all we are having to deal with. Maybe it’s the year that causes us all to stop long enough to look inside ourselves, take inventory and make serious changes for the good.

There is hope. We will get through this together. One step at a time. One day at a time. One breakthrough at a time.

I sincerely hope you and your family are all staying healthy and well! 

Pam from The Birch Cottage

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