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Video: How to Machine Embroider Gingerbread Ornaments

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Learn how to machine embroider gingerbread ornaments. These adorable gingerbread ornament designs are from Embroidery Library.

This past year I had intended to make these adorable Gingerbread Ornaments for all of our grandkids and kids. I did not get them all done. So, I decided to go ahead and make them after Christmas and will gift them this coming holiday.

These Gingerbread Ornaments are an in-the-hoop machine embroidery design from Embroidery Library. The designs stitch out just perfectly and oh-so-easily!

machine embroidered gingerbread ornaments

How to Machine Embroider Gingerbread Ornaments

Gingerbread Ornament Designs

Like I said, the embroidery designs are from Embroidery Library. You can purchase the Family Design Pack or individual designs.

Embroidery Font

The embroidery font I used for the name tag portion of the Gingerbread Ornaments is a 1/2″ font called Tall Tale from Designs by JuJu. Make sure when you select a font that you choose one that will fit in the die line space for the name tags.

machine embroidered gingerbread ornaments

Embroidery Software

I like to use Embrilliance to create my designs and to print out the die lines. If you are new to embroidery software, Embrilliance provides you with a sample version of their software called Embrilliance Express. You won’t have full access to all the functionality within Embrilliance with Express mode. But, you will be able to import fonts and print out your die lines or designs for placement purposes.

Video Tutorial

If you would like to follow along with this tutorial via video, I invite you to click HERE or on the image below to watch the video on my YouTube channel. AND while you’re there, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel (Thank you!).

YouTube Video
felt embroidered gingerbread ornaments

Machine Embroider Gingerbread Ornaments from Embroidery Library

Yield: (1) 3.72"x3.86" ornament
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Learn how to use your embroidery machine to make these in-the-hoop Gingerbread Ornaments from Embroidery Library.


  • (2) 4"x4" pieces of light brown/tan felt
  • (1) 3/4"x3-1/4" piece of white felt
  • embroidery threads
  • tear-away stabilizer
  • spray adhesive
  • 3/8" grosgrain ribbon


  • embroidery machine
  • embroidery hoop
  • embroidery scissors
  • small scissors
  • fabric scissors
  • acrylic ruler
  • rotary cutter
  • self-healing mat


  1. Prepare the name tags for the ornaments. I used the Tall Tale 1/2" font from Designs by JuJu and Embrilliance software to create my name designs. Once you stitch out the names on the white felt, cut out the tag to measure 3/4"Hx3-1/4"W.
  2. Cut two pieces of tan/light brown felt 4"x4". Cut one piece of grosgrain ribbon 8" long.
  3. Prepare your embroidery machine by threading the machine with the first color thread and upload the design into your machine.
  4. Hoop the cut-away stabilizer and load the hoop onto your embroidery machine. Start stitching. Your machine will stitch out the dieline (placement line) for the gingerbread ornament.
  5. Remove the hoop from your machine and trim any threads. Apply spray fabric adhesive to the back of one 4" piece of tan felt. Center the square over the stitched dieline. You can turn the hoop over and look at it from the back side to make sure you have it centered.
  6. Re-load the hoop onto your embroidery machine and continue stitching by pressing the start button. Your machine will then tack down the felt to the stabilizer.
  7. Then you move on to Color Change 3. This is the dieline for the banner or name tag. Once the dieline stitches out, remove the hoop once again from your machine. Spray the back of the name tag/banner with spray adhesive and center in the banner dieline area. Press down with your fingers to smooth out the felt and secure it to the tan felt. Reload the hoop and continue stitching with color change 4.
  8. Follow the next color change prompt and continue stitching with white to stitch out the icing and hat trim. Trim any jump threads and beginning/ending threads as you go.
  9. Continue to follow along with the color changes until you get to the last color change. For most of the ornaments, this will be color change 10 for the back piece tackdown.
  10. Before starting the last color change, remove the hoop from your machine. Spray the second 4" piece of felt with the spray fabric adhesive. Take the 8" piece of ribbon and fold it in half. I like to extend one end slightly longer than the other. Then center the raw edges of the ribbon on the sticky side of the square (shorter end sandwiched between the felt and the longer end of the ribbon) and down far enough that they will be caught in the stitching. Lay the felt on the back side of the stabilizer, centering it with the stitched piece of felt. Flip the hoop back over to the top and gently press to secure the bottom piece of felt. Load the hoop back onto your machine, making sure the loop of ribbon is out of the way. Resume stitching.
  11. Once the back piece tackdown has completed, your design is finished.
  12. Remove the hoop from the machine and unhoop the design. Use your small pair of scissors to trim around the design close to the stitching. Be careful when you trim across the top that you don't cut into the ribbon. You will need to cut the top and bottom separately at the top of the ornament.


For the purpose of this tutorial, I used the 3.72"x3.86" ornament designs. If you make the larger size ornaments, please cut your felt squares accordingly.

More Machine Embroidery Project Ideas

These Gingerbread Ornaments are fun and easy in-the-hoop embroidery designs. In fact, I have purchased a ton of designs from Embroidery Library through the years and I honestly love their work.

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machine embroidered gingerbread ornaments

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