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Man Hand Scrub for Dad with Labels {Perfect for Father’s Day}

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So, I’m sitting around my house, nursing my back and thinking about Father’s Day when it occurred to me that I’ve never shared my DIY Man Hand Scrub for Dad with Labels.

Man Hand Scrub Labels for sugar hand scrub by The Birch Cottage

If you’ve visited The Birch Cottage blog before, you’re most likely familiar with my favorite sugar scrub. I’ve provided a couple of tutorials here and here and numerous labels, but I hadn’t shared a “masculine” version of these labels with you yet – until today!

Man Hand Scrub is a degreaser and deep cleaner. Perfect for dad!

Man Hand Scrub

This Man Hand Scrub is the perfect degreaser and deep cleaner. Made with two simple ingredients: Dawn Ultra Hand Renewal Dish Soap and Sugar.

DIY Sugar Hand Scrub by The Birch CottageMy guys love this Man Hand Scrub and their favorite Dawn scent? Peach Almond! Of course, you can use any scent you like, just be sure you’re using the Dawn Ultra Hand Renewal with O’Lay.

Dawn is notorious for cutting grease and grime, yet it’s gentle enough for natured and you and all the men in your life!

Man Hand Scrub Directions

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Fill your jar 3/4 full with sugar.

Man Hand Scrub - sugar scrub with degreaser and deep cleaner by The Birch Cottage

Add Dawn Dish Soap a couple tablespoons at a time and stir until blended.

Man Hand Scrub - sugar scrub with degreaser and deep cleaner by The Birch Cottage

Your sugar scrub should be nice and thick. You can add more sugar or dish soap, a tablespoon at a time, until you have the right consistency.

DIY Sugar Hand Scrub by The Birch Cottage

Then you’ll simply affix a label to the lid, tie some twine around the jar and you have the perfect gift for dad or anyone on your gift giving list.

Man Sugar Hand Scrub Labels by The Birch Cottage

Man Hand Scrub Labels

To download your Man Hand Scrub Labels, simply click here or on the image below. Once you click on the link or image, you’ll be redirected to Box and the PDF should load in your browser. You can then select to download to print or print directly from your browser.

Man Hand Scrub printable labels from The Birch Cottage

I recommend printing the labels on cardstock or Avery 22807 adhesive labels. Simply cut out the labels and affix to the lid of your jar.

NOTE: There may be some settling or separating of the sugar scrub. This is normal. Simply stir to combine or add a little more sugar and then stir to combine. 

Man Hand Scrub Labels for sugar hand scrub by The Birch Cottage

This really is my family’s favorite sugar hand scrub. And the peach almond scent are my sons favorite. You can whip up a batch of this DIY Man Hand Scrub and printable labels in absolutely no time!

Did I mention this Man Hand Scrub makes for the perfect handmade Father’s Day gift?

Til next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage


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