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Printable Mother’s Day Gift Tags (Use Avery’s Design & Print Online!)

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As I was planning what to share with you this week, I thought I’d help you get an early start with your Mother’s Day gift giving with these free printable Mother’s Day Gift Tags.

Printable Mothers Day Gift Tags by The Birch Cottage

Easter with Family

I know we just barely made it through Easter and I’m already talking to you about Mother’s Day, but that’s just the way things are this time of year.  Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, weddings, Independence Day….. they just all kind of roll into one another. But, I’m trying to stay ahead of the holidays this year and I thought it might be a good idea for me to try to help you plan ahead as well!

We had a great Easter with our family. It was a little different for us this year as we’re usually not home for Easter. So, we invited all the kids over. My husband smoked pulled pork (it was absolutely amazingly delicious), I made desserts and the kids each brought a side dish. We sat around talking, enjoying the exceptionally nice weather and eating more pulled pork than any of us should have.

Our daughter Morgan came up with a great idea! Let’s have smoked pulled pork at every family holiday gathering. Christmas dinner? Smoked pulled pork. Thanksgiving dinner? Smoked pulled pork. 4th of July cookout? Smoked pulled pork.  Yep, it was a really big hit!

Mother’s Day Memories

But, now it’s time to move on to Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day 2017 is Sunday, May 14th. Not to make you feel panicky or anything, but that’s just a few weeks away! Being a mom myself, I love Mother’s Day! I like the idea of “mom does nothing for a day”. That was especially enjoyable when I had four little ones running around the house all at the same time!

One year for Mother’s Day, I asked to spend part of the day alone. I know, it’s selfish and seems like the wrong way to celebrate being a mother. But, it was fantastic! I took a book, a small cooler with ice and a few cans of diet soda, a book, a magazine, some suncreen and a blanket and headed to the beach. I sat on my blanket on the secluded beach, alone with the sound of the surf and the gulls. Occasionally I would see a little crab scurrying across the sand. I drank my cold pop, read my book, skimmed through my magazine and after a couple of hours, I packed everything up and headed home.

I was happily greeted by my husband and children. The plan was for me to spend all day at the beach, but after just a couple of hours, I missed my family and wondered how they were ever getting along without me! But, those couple of hours on the beach, were just what I needed to destress, relax and adjust my attitude.

It seems silly to me now to think about how stressed I used to feel when my children were all little. I just felt so overwhelmed so much of the time. The problem was totally “me.”  I wanted everything perfect all the time. And, as you know, real life is seldom that way.

You know, I love Instagram. I’m a visual person and it’s definitely a visual social platform. But, sometimes, I get a little frustrated and somewhat discouraged by what I see. We see images of all these perfectly decorated homes where everything is always in its place and styled so beautifully. Then we wonder why our home doesn’t look like those homes and we start to feel bad about ourselves. (By we, I totally mean “me”.)

But, you know what? I love my home. I love all its imperfections. And although my husband has been working so very hard at renovating our home and making it into a place we love to live in, I would be perfectly content to leave it just the way it is. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all the renovations that have taken place so far. I love for my home to be clean, uncluttered and for their to be a place for everything. But far more than that, I love the people who live in our house and visit our home.

It’s taken me years and years and years to finally accept that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m still working on the idea that it’s okay to relax and do the things you enjoy instead of scrubbing the kitchen cabinets because I saw some fingerprints on them this morning.  My husband is constantly reminding me that the memories we share are far more important!

So, to help you focus on the memory making and spend less time worrying about Mother’s Day gift giving preparations, I’m really pleased to share these free printable Mother’s Day Gift Tags with you.

Printable Mothers Day Gift Tags by The Birch Cottage

This post contains affiliate links to products that help make this project. If you click on a link in this post and purchase an item, you’ll be helping to support The Birch Cottage and my family – at absolutely no additional cost to you! 

Printable Mother’s Day Gift Tags

I created these printable Mother’s Day Gift Tags using the Avery Design & Print Online tool that I told you about a couple of weeks ago in this post and specifically for use with Avery Printable Tags #22802. So, to encourage you to give this design program a try (especially since it is FREE and so easy to use), I’m suggesting two ways for you to print these gift tags.

Supplies Needed

Mothers Day Printable Gift Tags by The Birch Cottage

Printable Mother’s Day Gift Tags: Print Option One

The easiest way to print these gift tags is to simply download your Printable Mother’s Day Gift Tags by clicking on the below “Click, Download & Print” image. You can then save the PDF to your computer for use at any time or simply open the document in your browser and print.

You can print using the Avery Printable Tags or print onto cardstock.

Click, Download & Print Mother's Day Gift Tags - The Birch Cottage

Printable Mother’s Day Gift Tags: Print Option Two

If you’d like to experiment with Avery’s Design & Print Online, you can download this .Avery project file that I’ve created for you. Once you’ve downloaded the file, you’ll want to upload it to Avery Design & Print Online. Below are the steps to follow to print a full sheet of gift tags, as well as how to specify the number of gift tags to print (in case you don’t want to print a full sheet).

>>>CLICK HERE to download the Avery Project File

Print a Full Sheet of Mother’s Day Gift Tags

  1. In your browser, go to Avery Design & Print Online.
  2. Scroll down the page until you see Open a Saved Project From, click on My Computer.
  3. A window will pop-up that says Open a Previously Saved Project. Click on the Browse a file to open button (green button).
  4. Your computer should open the Open dialog box to your Downloads folder. If not, you may have to browse to the downloaded file location on your computer. Select the file named Avery 22802 – Mother’s Day Gift Tags by The Birch Cottage and click on Open.
  5. The file will open in the Customize tab of the Avery Design & Print Online. You can then modify the design, change the message, add elements or print.
  6. When you’re ready to Print, click on the Preview & Print button at the bottom of the screen.
  7. From the Print screen, click on the green Print button and then click on Download PDF. The file will be downloaded to your computer. You can click on the download link or locate the file when you’re ready to print, open and print.
Specify number of gift tags to print

Specify Number of Gift Tags to Print

If you want to print only one, two, three (or something less than a full sheet) gift tags instead of a full sheet of Mother’s Day gift tags, follow steps 1-6 above.  Then, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Print Range.
  2. Click on the Custom Selection radio button.
  3. Then click on the image of the tag that you do NOT want to print. You can also click on tag again to re-select it.
  4. Once you have the tags specified that you want to print, click on the green Print button and then click on Download PDF. The file will be downloaded to your computer. You can click on the download link or locate the file when you’re ready to print, open and print.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, just follow the steps and, hopefully, it will make perfect sense to you when you’re using the program.

Printable Mothers Day Gift Tags by The Birch Cottage

So, get a head start on your Mother’s Day gift giving by printing these Mother’s Day Gift tags. You can also learn a new skill by trying out Avery’s Design & Print Online.

Til next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage

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