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2017 Summer Reading List

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I love to read a good book, do you? I sometimes just don’t know what to read. Do you ever find yourself in that situation? Well, I thought if I shared my summer reading list with you that maybe you’ll find something on this list that you will enjoy reading as well!

My Summer Reading List for 2017

One of the things I look forward to when we take our summer vacation on the French River is reading. I simply don’t take the time to do much reading throughout the year, but I seem to make up for it when we’re on vacation.

It’s funny how time and technology changes things. Like reading. Lenny and I used to carry bags of books on vacation. Now we pretty much download everything onto our Kindle, iPad or tablet. Our daughter loves to use Audible for the audiobooks. We typically use Amazon Prime, Kindle Reader or OverDrive. What application or service do you subscribe to for digital download of books?

My Summer Reading List for 2017

My Summer Reading List

I started the summer out flat on my back for about three weeks. During that time, I mostly spent time crocheting more dishcloths, towel edging and pillow case edges and, of course, watching TV. (I literally watched every episode of “Anne with an E” on Netflix.)

When I was finally well enough to go to French River this summer, I started downloading books from my public library through OverDrive and Amazon. Below is my summer reading list, in no particular order. For your convenience, I will provide links to Amazon where you can purchase the books, if you so desire.  {These are affiliate links, so if you click on one of the links and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at absolutely no extra cost to you.}

Don’t forget, you can also check out digital copies of books out at your library using an app like OverDrive. OverDrive and Kindle are my two favorite ways to download and read books and magazines! In fact, if you subscribe to KindleUnlimited, you can read a lot of these books at no additional cost!

My Favorite Books

My favorite books from my summer reading list were:

Stillhouse Lake

Stillhouse Lake was one of those books that once I started reading it, I just couldn’t put it down. The ending to the book certainly leaves you thinking “Oh, my gosh, there’s gonna be a sequel!” It was a finger nail biting kind of read. (Thankfully, I quit biting my fingernails years ago, but your know what I mean!)

“Gina Royal is the definition of average—a shy Midwestern housewife with a happy marriage and two adorable children. But when a car accident reveals her husband’s secret life as a serial killer, she must remake herself as Gwen Proctor—the ultimate warrior mom.”

Everything We Keep

In Everything We Keep, Aimee was planning her wedding, but instead of having a wedding, she buried her fiancé. Every time I thought I knew where this book was headed, there was an unexpected turn or revelation that completely changed everything. A very good read. And, yes, there is a sequel. Book two is called Everything We Left Behind. I’m in the process of finishing that book now.

The Other Einstein

The Other Einstein is a look into the life of the wife of the famous scientist Albert Einstein. I really enjoyed the way the book was written and the story it tells from the perspective of the overlooked wife, Mitza. She is an incredibly intelligent, compassionate and source of knowledge for her husband. Reading this book has certainly left an impression and changed my thoughts regarding Albert Einstein.

The Light Between Oceans

This book has been made in to a motion picture and I’m really not surprised! Another must read. If you’re a movie goer, I would definitely encourage you to read the book first! I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it didn’t get the best of reviews.

“After four harrowing years on the Western Front, Tom Sherbourne returns to Australia and takes a job as the lighthouse keeper on Janus Rock, nearly half a day’s journey from the coast. To this isolated island, where the supply boat comes once a season, Tom brings a young, bold, and loving wife, Isabel. Years later, after two miscarriages and one stillbirth, the grieving Isabel hears a baby’s cries on the wind. A boat has washed up onshore carrying a dead man and a living baby.”

2017 Summer Reading List and Book Review by The Birch Cottage

So, there you have my most current summer reading list for 2017. Have you read any good books this summer? What do you recommend? I’d love to here about your book recommendations!

Enjoy the rest of the summer! If you read one of these books, let me know what you think!

Til next time….

Pam from The Birch Cottage



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