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NEW Sugar Hand Scrub Printable Labels and Gift Tags!

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New for the 2017 Christmas gift giving season are my five sugar hand scrub printable labels and gift tags!

Sugar Hand Scrub with Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap is a family favorite. I can’t even begin to tell you how many jars I’ve made of this scrub. The sugar scrub really is super easy to make and it’s super effective at cleaning even the dirtiest hands (think car grease and garden grime), while leaving hands super soft.

Sugar Hand Scrub Printable Labels and Gift Tags by The Birch Cottage

Before I get into today’s post, I have to take a moment to mention my mom. Today would have been her 80th birthday. 80!! Oh, my! I wish I could see what she would have looked like as she got older. See, my mom passed away when she was only 43 years young. I was only 18 and she was my world. Through the years, I have felt so lost without her. Today, I celebrate her. I hope that all the good in me is a reflection of her. Happy birthday, mom! I love you today as much as ever!

I’ve shared the recipe for our family’s favorite sugar hand scrub here and here on the blog. And each time a new scent of Dawn is made available in my hometown, I make a new batch of sugar scrub with the new scent. I have to say, my favorite is still the Pomegranate Sugar Hand Scrub. I love the light fruity scent and the pale pink color. It just suits me!

So, like many Christmases past, I’ll be whipping up a few batches of Sugar Hand Scrub as gifts for family, friends and co-workers again this year. The sugar scrub really does make a nice and inexpensive gift for co-workers, teachers, coaches, piano instructors and even the mailman.

I also make up a few extra jars to keep on hand as gifts for unexpected holiday guests or to give as a thank you or I’m thinking of you kind of gift throughout the year. I have never had anyone turn down a gift of our sugar hand scrub or our homemade vanilla extract.

As I was making up my handmade Christmas gift list this year, I of course included this Sugar Hand Scrub. But, that also meant I needed some new labels for my jars. (Because I can’t possible use the same labels, right?!) I was going to make some with a Christmas design, but I’m kind of liking loving all the muted watercolor artwork that’s available on Etsy and Creative Market. So, I purchased a few pieces of digital art that I thought would be appropriate for the different scents and put together new printable labels for my favorite sugar hand scrub.

Sugar Hand Scrub Printable Labels by The Birch Cottage are new for 2017

But, before I share all the printable labels with you, let me just re-share my sugar hand scrub recipe with you so you have all the information in one place.

Sugar Hand Scrub

Sugar Hand Scrub Printable Labels by The Birch Cottage are new for 2017

There are a few supplies that you may want to gather up first in preparation for making your sugar hand scrub. This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at absolutely no additional cost to you! 


Man Hand Scrub - sugar scrub with degreaser and deep cleaner by The Birch Cottage

You can mix up the sugar scrub in a large bowl and then spoon it into your gift jars or you can mix up the sugar scrub in your gift jar. In either case, when you fill the jars, leave a little bit of space for stirring as some settling is normal and you may need to stir or add more sugar to your scrub after it has set for 24 hours.

Sugar Hand Scrub

Sugar Hand Scrub


  • sugar
  • Dawn Hand Renewal Dishwashing Liquid
  • Labels (optional)
  • Twine or decorative ribbon (optional)
  • Gift Tags (optional)


  • Canning Jars or Decorative Jars (I like to use wide mouth jars)
  • Spoon (or something to stir with)
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Damp towel


    1. Fill jar ¾ full with sugar.
    2. Add 2 tablespoons of Dawn Hand Renewal Dishwashing Liquid and mix to combine. Add small amounts of dish soap as needed to obtain a quick sand like consistency.
    3. Wipe any sugar scrub off the sides or edges of the jar.
    4. Secure lid on jar. You may also want to apply a label and attach twine/ribbon and a gift tag.


  • If you want to make a large batch of sugar hand scrub, I would start with maybe 3 or 4 cups of sugar and ¼ cup of Dawn. Mix that together and add more sugar or Dawn as needed. The scrub should be pretty thick and with the faintest tint of color.
  • I also recommend you leave the jars sit overnight and then stir and add more sugar as necessary. Some separation is to be expected. I have even added small wooden ice cream spoons to the sugar scrub gifts in the past and attached instructions, like: “Apply a small amount to hands, scrub and rinse well. Some separation may occur; stir with spoon to combine. Avoid getting water in the scrub.”

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Sugar Hand Scrub Printable Labels

Sugar Hand Scrub Printable Labels and Gift Tags by The Birch Cottage

These labels are available exclusively for subscribers to The Birch Cottage newsletter. For access, simply subscribe below:

  • Cucumber Melon Sugar Hand Scrub Printable Labels
  • Lavender Sugar Hand Scrub Printable Labels
  • Peach Almond Sugar Hand Scrub Printable Labels
  • Pomegranate Sugar Hand Scrub Printable Labels
  • Tropical Shea Butter Sugar Hand Scrub Printable Labels
  • Instruction Tags
  • Avery 22849 Template

Sugar Hand Scrub Gift Tags (with instructions)

New sugar hand scrub printable labels

I also created some coordinating gift tags that include instructions on how to use the scrub. These gift tags can be used with Avery 22849 Printable Tags.  If you want to print the tags without using the Avery 22849 tags, you’ll probably want to use the Avery 22849 template first. Simply download and print the Avery 22849 Template, then load the printed template back into your printer and print your gift tags.

I simply punched a hole in the corner of one of the gift tags, inserted some twine and wrapped it around the lid. Easy! And it adds another decorative touch to your gift (not to mention thoughtful).

Sugar Hand Scrub Printable Labels and Gift Tags by The Birch Cottage

I hope your family and your gift recipients enjoy this sugar scrub as much as my family enjoys it. My girls even make their own now!

Til next time…

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