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A Review of the Oliso M3Pro Project Iron

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Learn about the Oliso M3Pro Project Iron in this product review and comparison. Comparing the M3Pro Project Iron to the M2Pro Mini Project Iron.

Imagine my surprise and skepticism when Oliso told me that they were redesigning their M2Pro Mini Project Iron. The thing is, I really wanted to love the M2Pro Project Iron, but I didn’t. I shared my concerns with Oliso and they informed me that they were designing a new and improved version of their popular mini iron.

I’ll believe it when I see it, right?!

Well, I’ve seen it and, guess what? They were right! The M3Pro Project Iron is a major improvement over the M2Pro.

This is a sponsored post. Oliso provided me with the M3Pro Project Iron in exchange for an honest product view. Although this post is sponsored by Oliso, the opinions are 100% my own!

Oliso M3Pro Project Iron

My first experience with Oliso was when I launched my sewing site called Hooked on Sewing. To celebrate the launch I had a series of giveaways. Oliso was kind enough to not only sponsor a giveaway on behalf of Hooked on Sewing, but also provided me with two irons to use and review.

I have a thorough review and comparison of the two irons on the Hooked on Sewing website. Be sure to visit Hooked on Sewing for all the details!

What I Don’t Like About the Oliso M2Pro Mini Project Iron

These are a few of the major issues I had with the M2Pro.

  1. Handle – The handle was just not comfortable nor was it a natural grip. And my fingers were just too close to the heat source.
  2. Steam – The M2Pro has steam buttons in front of the handle that you have to squeeze with your thumb and index finger. The problem is that you have to squeeze REALLY hard. And then once you do get the steam to work, you may not be able to get it to work the next time. Just inconsistent and very difficult to use. So difficult that I recommend you NOT use the steam function.
  3. Cord – It may seem like it’s a good idea to have a swivel cord on the back of the iron, but it’s not. The placement of the cord prevents you from having the ability to stand the iron up vertically.

What I like About the M3Pro Project Iron

Now for what I really like about the M3Pro.

  1. ProLight™
  2. Solemate™
  3. Ergonomic Handle
  4. Dual-Zone Steam
  5. Fabric Selector
  6. Auto-Off

Oliso M2Pro and M3Pro Comparison

For the complete review and comparison of the Oliso M2Pro and M3Pro irons, please visit Hooked on Sewing.


I even did a video showcasing the features and comparing the two irons. You’ll find the video on the Hooked on Sewing YouTube channel.

YouTube video review of M3Pro Project Iron


The M3Pro is a great travel size iron. And great when space is limited.

Whether you use it for sewing or quilting, you’ll find the compact, ergonomic, and lightweight design of the iron to be the perfect mini iron. The iron will fit nicely right next to your sewing machine and stows away easily for travel.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase the Oliso irons directly from Oliso, online from Amazon, the Fat Quarter Shop, or your favorite craft retailer.

You’ll also find the iron and all my favorite sewing supplies in my Amazon Shop.

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