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Our Sailor Girl Visits Hong Kong

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It’s quite amazing to me to think that my “little girl” is on an enormous ship and is sailing somewhere in the Pacific Ocean as part of a mission of the United States Navy. Still doesn’t register with my mind that this is real or possible. In fact, our sailor girl just recently paid a visit to Hong Kong! Who would have ever thought?!

Our Sailor Visits Hong Kong

Our sailor girl visits Hong Kong?! Amazing! At least it’s amazing to this mom and dad! In fact, I received a Facebook Messenger message from her and the conversation went like this:

  • Kristen: Good morning, mom! Expect a call from me in a couple of days! 🙂 I love you!
  • Me: A call from my Kristen??? Woo hoo!!!!
  • Kristen: How’s my favorite mom doing? And everyone else?
  • Me: Your favorite mom is doing good. Everyone else is good, too. Any idea where you are?
  • Kristen: I’m great! We’re close to China right now.
  • Me: Amazing!

Here are a few pictures of Hong Kong, courtesy of the USS Essex:

Our Sailor Visits Hong Kong

Downtown Hong Kong


Kristen said they hiked this trail up to the top of this “peak”.USSEssex-HongKong-2015-04




Sailors keeping a watchful eye.USSEssex-HongKong-2015-07

Shops and apartments downtown Hong Kong


Don’t get me wrong, I may think of my Kristen as a little girl, but she is one tough sailor. She’s strong (emotionally and mentally), confident, intelligent, dependable and trustworthy, not to mention she’s just a little ray of sunshine.

Our Sailor GirlThis picture of Kristen was taken the day of graduation from Boot Camp.  She was so happy to see her family – tears of joy! Thanks for visiting The Birch Cottage today and letting me go on and on about our sailor girl.

Til next time…

Pam at The Birch Cottage


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