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Merry Christmas from My Family to Yours! {Free Plaid Christmas Gift Tags!}

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas from my family to yours with these free plaid Christmas gift tags!

I know I said that I wouldn’t be posting anymore until next year (2018), but I had an extra few minutes and I already had these adorable printables created, so I thought I should do the right thing and share them with you.

Plaid Christmas Gift Tags by The Birch Cottage

Today is an exciting day for me. My husband flew out to Colorado to meet up with our daughter (sailor girl) to help her drive home from California, just in time to spend the holidays at “home sweet home.”  They should be pulling in any moment. Then our 2 year old granddaughters (and their parents) should be arriving late this evening.

I know I talk about my family a lot, but they truly mean the world to me. I know people who don’t seem to care much for their family and they care even less for their spouse and even less than that for their parents. I think it’s sad. Really sad.

In fact, I was just thinking this morning while standing in the shower (I do a lot of thinking in there) that I think I’m gonna start a club. I’m gonna call it the “I love my husband club”. Husbands get a bad rap (to be honest, it’s because some of them deserve it). But you know what, I adore my husband. I spend time with him every single day. I enjoy spending time with him. I miss him when he’s not around and there isn’t anyone I’d rather spend time with than him.

Plaid Christmas Gift Tags by The Birch Cottage

Of course, I kind of feel that way about our children, too – and our grandchildren. I love each and every one of them. They each have their different strengths, weaknesses, sores spots and funny bones. I just want to hug, and squeeze and pound on them (love pounds). I hope each one of them knows how very much they are loved by their dad and I. The grandkids – best grandkids ever! Ever!

Our oldest grandson is flying up to Ohio to visit a couple of days after Christmas. Now, there’s a kid I could talk to you about until I’m blue in the face. He’s very special and just growing up way too fast. He’s already talking about college applications and hoping he gets accepted into The Ohio State University. That would be amazing to have our grandson close by! All those hugs! Geez!

Sorry, got off track…. back to the printable gift tags…

Free Printable Plaid Christmas Gift Tags

Plaid Christmas Gift Tags by The Birch Cottage

Before you can print these vintage Christmas tree gift tags, you will need a few supplies:

If you’re not using the Avery products listed above, you’ll also need:

Having all your supplies together makes the process so much smoother. Of course, you can simply choose to print the gift tags on cardstock paper and then cut them out. But, the use of the Avery products just makes it so much easier!

Download Plaid Christmas Gift Tags

Plaid Christmas Gift Tags by The Birch Cottage

The plaid gift tags are available in two sizes and are compatible with their corresponding Avery label. The gift tags are free to download for subscribers of The Birch Cottage newsletter. No strings attached, just simply sign-up below. You’ll then receive an email in your Inbox with a link to the Subscribers Resource Library, where you’ll have access to these free printable gift tags and so much more!! The gift tags are PDF documents that you can either print immediately or download and save to print later.

If you are an existing subscriber, simply complete the below form to have the link sent straight to your email inbox!

By the way, I make it super easy for you to find the Subscribers Resource Library by providing a link to the page in every single email you receive from me (which is typically once a week).

Download Avery Templates

If you’re using cardstock instead of the Avery printable products for your gift tags, it may be helpful to use the Avery template file. The template file is simply the outline of the tags. To use the template, print the template, re-load in your printer and then print your gift tag onto the printed template. This will give you a nice solid line to cut out around.

Plaid Christmas Gift Tags & More

Plaid Christmas Gift Tags by The Birch Cottage

These plaid Christmas gift tags are just one of the many Christmas printables that I made available to you this holiday season. Feel free to browse the blog or search for Christmas printable to find more free printables.

I hope they help brighten your holiday season! Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Til next time…

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