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Please Use Hand Sanitizer Prints

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Help stop the spread of germs with these Please Use Hand Sanitizer prints that you can download and print for free. Display in your home or anywhere!

These are trying and scary times for a lot of us. As my family is ramping up their efforts to help stop the spread of germs, I was trying to figure out what I could do to encourage you and help you in these trying times.

As you know, frequent hand washing is by far the best thing we can do to help prevent the spread of germs, illnesses and disease. The battle against germs can be an especially difficult and important one when you or someone you love is especially vulnerable, at risk or immunocompromised.

My husband would certainly fall in the high risk category. It’s my job to make sure I do everything I can to not bring germs home to him. In recent days, I’ve increased my efforts by protecting my husband from germs from people visiting our home.

Although I don’t have a handwashing station located outside our front door, I have made hand sanitizer available and insist all our guests use it upon entering and leaving our home.

So, I decided to share the printable Hand Sanitizer Prints that I made for our home with you.

Hand Sanitizer Prints

Usually, printables on The Birch Cottage blog are made available exclusively to subscribers. But, I feel like this issue is bigger than my little blog and if I can help make the difference in the life of one family by making these hand sanitizer prints available as a free download, then it’s worth making an exception.

There are three designs to choose from. Simply download the PDF document and then select which print you want to print. Don’t forget to select “actual size” in your printer settings. The prints are designed to fit a standard 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper.


Printing and framing your hand sanitizer prints couldn’t be simpler. Here’s a list of supplies and tools that you might need to make the job easier:



Download the free PDF and print your preferred design. Remember, choosing the highest quality settings in your printer settings will give you the best quality print.


I always recommend using nice cardstock paper for your prints. Whether you’re using cardstock or printer paper, you’ll want to cut and trim the prints using either a pair of scissors or a paper trimmer to fit the frame for your project (typically 8″x10″). 


Once you’ve printed and trimmed your print to the appropriate size, you’ll want to place it in a frame. If you’re using a matted frame, it may not be necessary for you to trim the print first. 

You can also hang the print without framing. The option is certainly all yours.

Download Hand Sanitizer Prints


Clicking on the above link will open the PDF document in your browser. Simply download to your computer, send to the Cloud or send to your printer.

I do hope you’ll find these prints that encourage your guests to use hand sanitizer to help stop the spread of germs helpful to you and your family in your efforts to minimize the spread of germs, too.

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Pam from The Birch Cottage

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