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Print these Round Christmas Gift Tags Inspired from Vintage Christmas Cards

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These round Christmas gift tags were made using images of vintage Christmas cards. I think they are timeless, classic and a little bit nostalgic!

Round Christmas Gift Tags from Vintage Christmas Cards

Do you see the round Christmas gift tag with the cat sitting in the window? That gift tag has our daughter Morgan’s name written all over it! She loves Christmas and she loves cats – especially her cat Sirius. Can you tell by the cat’s name that she also loves all things Harry Potter?

Round Christmas Gift Tags from Vintage Christmas Cards

These 2″ round Christmas gift tags are a set of three pages of printable gift tags. There’s an entire sheet of the Village Store and an entire sheet of the Gift Shop (because I love them and I think you will, too!). Then there’s a third sheet with six more vintage Christmas card inspired gift tags.

In case you haven’t noticed, I just love all things vintage: vintage illustrations, vintage botanicals, vintage husbands….. (don’t tell him I said that). Seriously, though. I’m just amazed at the craftsmanship and artistic abilities of the people who hand created these drawings, sketches and illustrations so long ago.

Printable Vintage Christmas Cards {via Etsy}

I even turned a few of my favorite vintage Christmas card images into printable cards. You can find them in my Etsy shop, if you’re interested. These are small note cards that are blank on the inside.

Download Round Christmas Gift Tags

Round Christmas Gift Tags from Vintage Christmas Cards

These gift tags are available for free download to subscribers of The Birch Cottage newsletter. For access to download these free printable Christmas cards, please subscribe below:

Once you subscribe, simply check your email for a message from The Birch Cottage.

There are eight different designs on these three pages of printable round Christmas gift tags. Which one is your favorite?

How to Print and Use the Round Christmas Gift Tags

Round Christmas Gift Tags from Vintage Christmas Cards

This post contains affiliate links to products used in this project. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission at absolutely no additional cost to you! 

After you download the round Christmas gift tags, you can print the gift tags on your home printer. The gift tags are saved as a PDF, so printing should be a breeze. Once you print the gift tags, simply cut out around the tag. I definitely recommend printing your round Christmas gift tags on nice cardstock paper!

Avery 22817 Print-to-Edge Round Labels, 2inch

Then you can punch a hole in the top of the gift tag and attach ribbon or twine. You can also simply tape the gift tags onto your package, use them on the lid of Mason jars or print them as labels using Avery 22817 Print-to-Edge Labels.

Avery 22817 Template

Avery 22817 Print-to-Edge Labels Template

If you’d like to have a solid line around your labels (sometimes it makes it easier to cut out a circle shape), you can download the Avery 22817 template. Simply download and print this PDF. After you print the template, load it back in the paper tray of your printer and then print your gift tags on the printed template.

So, you have a few options for printing your round Christmas gift tags! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Round Christmas Gift Tags from Vintage Christmas Cards

Although the image above shows two of the gift tags larger than the others, they really aren’t. The images are 2″ for all eight designs. Adorable, right? I thought so!

Be sure to check back soon as I’ll be adding lots of Christmas printables this holiday season!

Til next time…

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Monday 4th of December 2017

Pam, Awhile back you mentioned a rub for meats that you use. The rub came from someone who, I believe, also blogs. I was going to make this rub for the men in my family but can’t find it anywhere. I thought I had written it down but...,, if you could send me the recipe for the rub or the other persons name or blog information it would be greatly appreciated. Concerning the labels, etc to copy, I finally broke down and got a printer just so I could print your great items. I’m making your scrubs to give for the holiday and my vanilla extract will be ready for Christmas. All I need are the labels and cards Thank you and have a great holiday. I still continue to pray for your husband. Unfortunately, we unexpectedly lost my niece who had been sick since age 15. This last go round she was in the hospital for the last 2 years and 8 months. She no longer hurts, but we do. Thank you and have a blessed Christmas and New Year. Alicia

Pamela Baker

Monday 4th of December 2017

Thanks, Alicia! I think this is the rub you were thinking about:

It’s called Slap Yo Momma Rub. Too funny but it’s got a nice blend of spices. Hope this helps! Merry Christmas!!

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