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Sewing Tutorials

Thank you so much for your interest in sewing tutorials! I love sewing so much that I decided to start a second blog just for sewing. It is called “Hooked on Sewing” and you can visit it at

Hooked on Sewing

Like I said, Hooked on Sewing is a sewing designated website, with a focus on sharing my passion for sewing with beginner sewists. But don’t worry, even if you’re not a beginner sewist, you’ll find lots of tutorials, tips, and sewing patterns.

All sewing patterns and tutorials from The Birch Cottage can now be found on Hooked on Sewing!

Please visit Hooked on Sewing. And while you’re there, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you’ll know when new sewing content is made available! home page sewing tutorials

You can learn more about Hooked on Sewing in this blog post where I shared the news about launching a new website!

More Sewing Tutorials

While you’ll still be able to find sewing tutorials right here on The Birch Cottage blog. All patterns have been moved to Hooked on Sewing. But, the original tutorials will be right here, like: