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DIY Terra Cotta Pot Ideas for Mother’s Day

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6 DIY Terra Cotta Pot Ideas for Mother’s Day gift giving. Learn how easy it is to turn an ordinary terra cotta pot into something special for Mother’s Day!


DIY Terra Cotta Pot Ideas for Mother’s Day

Transferring Images onto Terra Cotta

This is an easy DIY Terra Cotta project that uses Mod Podge from All Things Heart and Home. Robin got her images from The Graphics Fairy. When we made trays for Christmas gifts this past year, I downloaded some fantastic French inspired images from The Graphics Fairy for use on my daughter-in-law’s tray. It turned out beautifully. The Graphics Fairy is a great resource for all sorts of printable vintage images.


Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pots

Aniko from Place of My Taste shares a beautiful tutorial using designs that are cut out of napkins and then decoupaged onto painted Terra Cotta pots. Beautiful! Yet another one of the many great DIY Terra Cotta Pot Ideas for Mother’s Day!


DIY Terra Cotta Tray and Burlap Coasters

The third in this series of DIY Terra Cotta Pot Ideas for Mother’s Day  will require you take another trip with me to All Things Heart and Home where Robin shares her DIY Coasters that are made from Terra Cotta pot trays and burlap. I love burlap, as evidenced by all the burlap projects I share, like my Easy Sew Burlap Placemats, or my DIY Fall Burlap Wreath, or my Fall Burlap Give Thanks Pillow Cover Tutorial or my DIY Burlap Valentine’s Day Treat Bags or my DIY Fall Burlap Floral Centerpiece (I think you get the idea) and when I saw that Robin had incorporated burlap in this project, I just had to share it with you.


Decoupaged Terra Cotta Trays

I don’t know who to credit for these Terra Cotta trays, but I thought they were beautiful nonetheless and the perfect addition to my DIY Terra Cotta Pots Ideas for Mother’s Day (even if the image is a little fuzzy). You could apply what you learn from the decoupage pots to the trays and come up with some amazingly beautiful trays. I can even think of many different uses for these little gems: a place to lay your keys, rings, jewelry, paperclips, candy… the list goes on!


DIY Planter with Photos

These DIY Planter with Photos Terra Cotta pots are from Mod Podge Rocks. You simply take your selected photos and decoupage them to the pot. These would make great personalized planters for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Christmas or anytime and not to mention a nice homemade touch!


DIY Garden Planter Bird Bath

This last DIY Terra Cotta project that I wanted to share with is this DIY Garden Planter Bird Bath from Home Stories A to Z and, believe it or not, it doesn’t use decoupage. Instead you purchase some pots, spray paint them and essentially stack them on top of one another using a piece of rebar.

Speaking of rebar, that reminds me of a pretty funny story. When our youngest daughter (aka Sailor Girl) was a little girl, her oldest brother brought home a HandiVac from Target, where he was employed at the time. Well, our son was showing his baby sister how well the HandiVac worked and how you could even suction your face with it. Apparently our little girl thought that was a great idea and tried to suction her forehead. Well, later that day, I pick her up from school and as we’re riding in the car, I notice she has a circle shaped bruise on her head. When I asked her about it, she immediately turned her head away from me and started staring out the side window of the car and insisting that nothing was on her head and I should just stop asking her about it.

Boy, did she pick the wrong mom to try to pull that one on! The more she insisted it was nothing, the more I had to know what happened. I told her that in my mind it looked like she was just walking down the street, saw a piece of rebar sticking out of the ground and decided to bang her head against it. Can you just picture that?! That was years and years ago, but to this very moment, I find it absolutely hilarious. Tummy aching funny! Well, she finally confessed and told me she actually got the HandiVac stuck to her head and while trying to pull it off, only made the suction tighter. Big brother to the rescue!  Too funny, I tell ya. And a little incident in life I just can’t ever let her forget!

Alright, back to our DIY Terra Cotta pot ideas….


I just love all these different DIY Terra Cotta Pots Ideas for Mother’s Day, don’t you? What have you done with Terra Cotta pots? If you have another idea, I’d love to hear about it.


I’m not sure which of these is my favorite. I just love the shabby chic look of all of the pots in the DIY Terra Cotta Pot Ideas for Mother’s Day collection, don’t you?

These DIY Terra Cotta Pot Ideas are perfect gift ideas for Mother's Day or anytime!

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6 DIY Terra Cotta Pot Ideas for Mother's Day gift giving. Learn how easy it is to turn an ordinary terra cotta pot into something special for Mother's Day!

Til next time…

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