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Thanksgiving Dinner Menu from The Birch Cottage

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Celebrate Thanksgiving with this Thanksgiving Dinner menu and free printable recipe cards and place cards from The Birch Cottage! 

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu and free printable recipe cards and place setting cards from The Birch Cottage.

I had hoped to have a whole series of recipes to share with you in time for your Thanksgiving dinner planning. Instead, I’m going to share with you what a traditional Thanksgiving looks like for The Birch Cottage family. 

As you may know by now, we have a large family and most of our children and grandchildren will be home for both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. As our children have gotten older, we’ve started including them in the meal preparation. What a great idea, right?!

Actually, it’s been hard for me to let go and let someone else do the cooking. I mean, nobody can make mashed potatoes as good as mine, right? Wrong! My children are fantastic cooks and they enjoy contributing to our family meals, especially during the holidays. 

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Thanksgiving would be incomplete in the Baker family without a roasted or smoked turkey. My husband has really gotten into smoking meat over the past 5 or 6 years, so smoked turkey has become a very anticipated dish. He also smokes another turkey that he uses to make his grandmother’s homemade turkey and noodles. 

Here’s what our typical Thanksgiving dinner feast looks like. Some links are to recipes I’ve shared here on The Birch Cottage blog, and the rest are to similar recipes to the ones we make. 

There are a couple of things missing from this dinner menu that maybe your family includes: cranberries and dressing or stuffing. So, what does your typical Thanksgiving dinner menu look like? There are a few things that are an absolute must for our family:

  • turkey
  • noodles
  • mashed potatoes
  • green beans
  • rolls
  • pumpkin pie with whipped cream topping

I think if we just had those six dishes, everyone would be pretty happy. To quote Julia Child: 

A meal doesn’t have to be like a painting by Raphael, but it should be a serious and beautiful thing, no matter how simple. What nicer way for a family to get together and communicate? Which is what life is all about, really.

Julia Child

Thanksgiving Recipe Cards

I thought it would be nice for you to have some printable recipe cards so that you can write down and share some of your favorite recipes with family and friends. How many dinners or potlucks have you been to and been asked “How’d you make that?” or “Can I have that recipe?” 

Thanksgiving Place Cards

I also created this set of coordinating place cards. These place cards are designed for use with Avery 8869 Printable Business Cards. You can also simply print them on nice cardstock paper. You can use them by simply writing your guest’s name on each card. You can also use them to mark the names on the containers of leftovers or baked goods that you’ll be sending home with your guests. 

Download Fall Recipe Cards and Place Cards

I created these two printables just for you and you’ll find them both saved in one PDF file that you can download for FREE as a subscriber to The Birch Cottage newsletter. You can sign up below: 

Then you just need to download the PDF file and save it to your computer. These recipe cards and place cards and all other free printables on The Birch Cottage are for your own PERSONAL USE ONLY.

What You’ll Need


1. Download and Print

Sign up to get the free printable recipe cards and place cards using the form earlier in this blog post. Then download the free PDF and print your preferred design. Remember, choosing the highest quality settings in your printer settings will give you the best quality print.

2. Trim and Cut

I recommend using nice cardstock paper for your printables, if you’re not using Avery products. If using cardstock, you’ll want to cut and trim the recipe cards and place cards using either a pair of scissors or a paper trimmer. 

Fall Recipe Cards and Place Cards by The Birch Cottage 01

So, although I didn’t have a fantastic new recipe to share with you today, I hope you found a little bit of inspiration in our family’s Thanksgiving dinner menu. And if the printable recipe cards and place cards come in handy for you, that’s just an added bonus! 

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Pam from The Birch Cottage

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