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The best dog ever…

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German Shepherd named Remo

Remo as a puppy

I’m really not making this stuff up! We have THE best dog ever. I know, I know…. every dog owner thinks their dog is all that, but ours really is!! 🙂 He’s been especially adorable today and I just thought I should take a moment to share a few pictures of our three-year-old German Shepherd named Remo.

We take Remo with us just about everywhere we go. Of course, we can also leave him at home and not have to worry about him tearing up the house or getting into things he shouldn’t. See, he really is the best dog ever!

Remo We take him with us to French River, Ontario, Canada and he absolutely loves it there! He loves the water. He loves to run over the rocks> He loves to ride in the boat. He loves to swim. He loves to chase fishing lures – even if it means jumping off the dock and swimming across the river. He even loves to lick fish. Yep, lick fish. Speaking of licking fish, I have to tell you about the time he got his tongue stuck in a fish’s mouth. What? Yep – stuck. He was licking this lovely, slimy Great Northern Pike, when apparently he decided to put his tongue in the fish’s mouth. Did you know that pike have teeth? In fact, they are like razor blades and Remo just managed to get his tongue all gnarled up with the pike’s teeth. Oh, he was absolutely terrified and he whined and he just didn’t know what to do. Lenny had to put his thumbs in the pike’s mouth in order to release Remo’s tongue from the pike’s teeth. Needless to say, Lenny got his thumbs cut up pretty badly by those little razor blades. It didn’t stop Remo from wanting to lick fish though. He still likes to lick fish.

Remo on the French River


OK, so he’s not always the smartest dog! Just like sometimes he likes to chase his tail. Oh, he gets that look in his eyes as he very cunningly turns his head to spy on his tail. But, he doesn’t go after the tail just yet. He may look at it a time or two – very subtly and then he spins his head the opposite direction and chases his tail until he literally spins himself into the ground. Yes, we have video!

Remo and Lenny


Remo was supposed to be “my” dog, but he has adopted Lenny. Lenny is his dad and he just swoons over him. If I come up to Lenny and hug him or get a little too close, Remo tries to nudge in between us or, better yet, goes and fetches his rubber chicken and tries to entice Lenny with his chicken. OK, so sometimes he’s clever. I tell people he’s the stupidest smart dog I know.

Remo on the French River


Seriously, he really is a very well behaved dog. I’ve even started taking him with me when I go running. He just gallops beside me. He’s also very protective. He doesn’t go around barking and growling at people, but if anyone moves towards me like they’re going to hit me or be aggressive with me or if he just senses danger – back away because he will protect me even if it means going after his dad. Lenny just pretends sometimes like he’s angry (he just makes his angry face) and walks towards me and Remo is instantly between us, jumping up on Lenny and his teeth wrapped around his arm. He’s never bitten Lenny for real, but he’s given him plenty of warnings.


I’m sure when other people see him, he probably looks a little intimidating. But, we just think he’s an adorable puppy!

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