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What you need to know about Quick Breads!

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One of the most useful features of a bread machine is its ability to bake quick breads easily and consistently. As I searched online for various bread machine recipes to try, I ran across numerous comments on recipe forums where people were complaining about the fact that a particular recipe did not contain yeast and wasn’t a real bread machine recipe.

So, I thought I’d do my part to try to clarify, demystify and otherwise explain what exactly is meant by the term “quick bread.” Because, after all, the more you understand, the better baker you’ll become.

Understanding Quick Breads

Understanding Quick Breads by The Birch Cottage

As you probably already know, typical bread is made with yeast as a leavening agent. Quick breads do not contain yeast. They rely on other leavening agents such as baking soda, baking powder and eggs.

You see, a chemical reaction is created by adding one or more food-grade chemicals, typically a weak acid and a weak base.  Baking soda is an example of a weak base and cream of tartar or buttermilk are examples of a weak acid. When these two food based chemicals are combined, they create a reaction that releases carbon dioxide.

This release of carbon dioxide is what provides the leavening agent that helps your quick bread rise without the use of yeast. Plus, these agents produce consistently reliable results that are quicker than yeast breads. Just what you want when you’re baking, right?

Quick breads come in many forms and many names, like: cookies, biscuits, banana bread, pancakes, waffles and even cornbread. So, the next time you find a bread machine recipe that doesn’t include yeast, don’t be so quick to dismiss it. Some of the tastiest treats you’ll make in your bread machine will be quick breads.

Quick Breads in the Bread Machine

Understanding Quick Breads by The Birch Cottage

Oh, yeah, did I mention that you can produce consistent results quickly using quick bread recipes and your bread machine? Take Banana Pecan Bread, for example. It uses both baking soda and baking powder as leavening agents. And, I guarantee you can create amazing Banana Pecan Bread every time using your bread machine!

I’m working on finalizing my recipe for Banana Pecan Bread for the bread machine and I’ll be sharing that soon. However, If you’re interested in learning more about what to look for in a bread machine, be sure to read my 5 Things to Consider Before Purchasig a Bread Machine  and for more convincing, how about 5 Reasons You Need a Bread Machine?

If you need a little more convincing a bread machine is right for you, check out two of my favorite quick bread recipes: Pumpkin Bread and English Muffin Bread.

Understanding Quick Breads by The Birch Cottage

Do you have a favorite or go-to quick bread recipe for your bread machine? If so, please share! I’m also planning on sharing a few more quick bread recipes with you, so if you have a recipe you think my readers might enjoy, I’d certainly love to share it.

Til next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage


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Monday 21st of May 2018

I had a bread machine I bought at Marc’s for several years. It made a rectangular bread. Then it quit. I bought one at Savers on 1/2 price day. But it makes round loaves. So on another trip to Savers I got one with a rectangle pan inside. I love making bread. But I now have arthritis in my wrists and fingers. I can’t punch it and knead it. So I will machine it. I look forward to any recipes you like.

Pamela Baker

Monday 21st of May 2018

Sorry about your bread machine! My machine makes rectangular loaves as well. It’s not a high end machine, but it does the job!

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