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Do you know what happens when the stars align?

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It has been a crazy but amazing week here at the Baker house this past week. So crazy and amazing that it’s made me think that the stars must have aligned just perfectly. Have you heard the phrase that says something like, “the stars must have aligned” or “when the stars align…”? According to the Urban Dictionary, “when the stars align” is when an unexpected and nearly impossible event takes place.

When the stars align...

Scientifically speaking, when the stars align refers to the astrological idea that when the positions of certain planets sit in defined angles (30 degrees, 90, 45 etc) in relation to the position they had at one’s birth then good or bad things will happen.

When the stars align...

When the Stars Align – A Sailor Comes Home

Our sailor girl had been planning a short trip home from California so she could attend her best friend’s wedding on June 25th. Our oldest son is stationed in Georgia and had been planning a trip home for the twins first birthday on July 3rd. As it happened, our daughter was scheduled to leave on the afternoon of June 29th. Our son was scheduled to head to Ohio on the 28th, arriving on the 29th. It seemed as though they were literally going to miss one another by mere hours.

Because of some obligations Kristen had with the Navy, she wasn’t able to extend her stay. Likewise, our son Brandon had some Army matters to attend to and couldn’t leave until the 28th. Since they would also be traveling with almost one-year-old twins, they would be dividing their trip up into two days. Pretty frustrating for this mom. I just hated the idea of them both being home and not being able to see one another. And I hated the idea of Kristen not being able to see her precious little nieces.

But, as I said, when the stars align, amazing things can happen!

When the Stars Align – A Wedding Story

Handley Wedding photography by TM Inspired Photography

Photography by TM Inspired Photography

Our sailor girl attended her best friend’s wedding at Pine Lodge in Washington Court House. Speaking of Court House, that’s my childhood hometown! The name of the town is actually Washington Court House. When I tell people where I grew up, they always seem confused and wonder if I grew up in a court house. We picked Kristen up from the airport just in time for her to leave to participate in the wedding. The wedding, by the way, was held in a beautiful woodsy location – complete with pine trees, an arbor, lots of barn wood, burlap, and baby’s breath filled aluminum pails. Simple, rustic and elegant. The bride? Gorgeous, of course!

When the stars align...

When the Stars Align – A Soldier Comes Home

We received a phone call from our son on Saturday telling us their new travel plans. They were going to leave super early in the morning (3 AM kind of crazy early) and drive straight through. Well, of course, they stopped for gas, diaper changes, lunch, etc., but no spending the night in a hotel somewhere. They not only got home in time to see Kristen, but met us for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, bd Mongolian Grill in the Arena District of downtown Columbus.  So, if you live or are visiting in the Central Ohio area, you might want to give this restaurant a try! My family loves their food! And, of course, be sure to try the Fried Oreos or The Big Brownie for dessert!

Although our sailor girl’s visit home was super short. She packed a lot in a few days besides her best friend’s wedding, including a family wiener roast, a stop at Skyline Chili for lunch, a trip to Cedar Point and the evening with her oldest brother.

When the Stars Align – Cherished Memories are Created

When the stars align...Did somebody mention twins? Yep! The twins are visiting for their very first birthday. Of course, they brought mommy and daddy along for a visit as well. They got some quality Nana time in yesterday, complete with a stroll around the neighborhood and rocking them to sleep. We have these bean bag chairs that the kids use to watch TV or play video games in our family room in the basement. I brought the bean bags up and they became their impromptu beds. Perfect for napping little girls!

The twins first birthday is July 3rd. Their mom’s birthday is the 5th of July and their dad’s is the 8th. So we’ll be celebrating four birthdays this week. Speaking of birthdays, our sailor girl’s birthday is also during the month of July.

When the stars align... As I think back, it doesn’t even seem like our little Kristen was home. The time came and went so quickly. I’m sure in a few days, when the twins and their parents have left to go home, I’ll feel the same way about them. For now, I’m counting my blessings and thanking my lucky stars because when the stars align, sometimes the impossible becomes possible! I am so grateful that our children all got to see one another and especially that Kristen got to see her adorable little nieces. Well, who am I kidding? If the selfish truth be told, I’m really glad I got to see Kristen’s pretty little face, hug on her and tell her in person just how proud we are of her and how very much she’s loved and I’m really glad I got to love on and eat up those precious grandbabies.  Life is short – enjoy the moments!

Here’s hoping that the stars align for you! Til next time…

Pam from The Birch Cottage

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